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Text in Dolby -- Just when you've started to think this city really IS cursed by the gypsies, you hear about something like what the Garland's been doing for the past few years. Next Sunday and Monday night, the venerable old North Side cinema is showing The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King with open captions. Finally, hundreds of Inland Northwest folks with hearing impairments can watch Return of the King and understand what Frodo and Sam are saying to each other all the way into the heart of Mordor.

This isn't the first time the Garland has offered open-captioned films; they brought The Two Towers in last year in addition to three other similarly captioned wide releases. The local chapter of Self-Help for the Hard of Hearing (SHHH) tells us that the quality of the captions is exceptionally high and that the Garland is able to offer tickets at their regular (cheap!) rate. Come out and show support for open-captioned films in Spokane!

Pass the Crackers -- Back in the day, the University of Idaho used to be known for both their tech and liberal arts programs. These days, not so much. While Moscow is still a thriving arts community, the U of I has closed down its literary press, all but eliminated its studio arts program and instituted budget cuts across the university (except for the sports program, which appears to be getting more funding). What's a college town to do when its university seems to be turning its back on academics? You got it. Time to start a soup kitchen. The Moscow Civic Association did just that earlier this week as a public protest to the university's recent policies. Faculty and staff (as well as concerned community members) were invited to bring a symbolic "tin cup or a cracked bowl," and after a humble meal of soup and bread, as well as a presentation on the university's budget cuts, encouraged to get up on a "soup box." No word yet on the university's response, but as far as civic activism goes, we like ours piping hot!

Oh, They're Real -- Straighten up that thong, girl -- your shot at fame is comin' to town! You gotta wonder what former Real World/Road Rules contestants Katie Doyle and David Giuntoli did in a previous life to end up in Spokane this weekend, but here they will be. Filming footage for the second season of Reality Bar Crawl, Doyle and Giuntoli will be at Banana Joe's Saturday night with their million-dollar tour bus and a camera crew in tow. Doors open at 9 pm.

Publication date: 05/13/04

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