by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Late-Night Songs & r & An addendum to our review last week of Delaney's Musicafe at Hannah's Garden Inn ("Supper Serenade," 4/20/06): Owner Shawn Nichols has announced that, starting May 3, his Musicafe will remain open Wednesdays-Saturdays from 9:30 pm "until the cows come home" for "a piano parlor and Broadway buffet with healthy snacks, and a Scotch bar and desserts for the after-theater crowd and others." The cabaret atmosphere goes on into the night at 820 W. Seventh Ave. Call 747-6235.

Has a Certain Cachet & r & On Sunday from 7-9:30 pm, you can catch Cach & eacute; playing "Afro-Cuban-Brazilian Jazz with Funky Grooves" at Dance Street, 433 W. Dean St. If you like the Latin vibes of Tito Puente, Ray Barretto and Dave Valentin, you'll enjoy this "Peace & amp; Love" concert led by Carlos Verde, an LC grad who's a veteran of 15 years of TV and commercial work in L.A., including more than a year in Jay Leno's house band. Tickets: $10-$12; $15, at the door. Call 533-1199.

With different performers and different musical sets, Verde will also perform Latin jazz at the Met on May 13.

We Just Talked to Kids in Alleys & r & Hey, third- through sixth-graders! You could spend Saturday afternoon playing Kingdom Hearts II, or you could spend three hours in a classroom at the Harding Family Center in CdA. Sitting next to your parents. Doing a workshop. On puberty. Call (208) 762-8099 ext. 103, and they'll tell you all about how not to feel self-conscious while talking about sex in front of your parents.

Tik Tok Man of Oz & r & His collection of Oziana will be on display through June 30, but tonight (Thursday) is the night you can hear from Currie Corbin himself -- 7 pm at Gonzaga's Foley Center. He'll be the guy standing behind the curtain. Call 323-3847.

For the Union Dead & r & Downtown statues - pass 'em every day without a thought. But when a woman and a small boy recently walked hand in hand all the way around one such memorial, examining all the inscriptions, taking their time, peering up at the giant on the pedestal, we just had to watch.

The boy, his plaid shirt tucked neatly into his jeans, couldn't have been older than 7 -- a black child looking up at a larger-than-life Abraham Lincoln. Fittingly, the statue, at Monroe and Main, had been dedicated on Veterans Day 75 years ago "by the ... school children of Spokane."

Sometimes legacies continue right in front of your eyes.

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