CBD by itself is creating a health revolution, and now some people are adding THC

We're past the tipping point with cannabidiol (CBD). Even prior to its inclusion in the Farm Bill, CBD has been accepted as a health and lifestyle supplement — and ultimately what might lead to marijuana legalization nationwide.

And while CBD can be either hemp-based or cannabis-based, those differences are being exploited by those still fighting legalization. Project CBD, a nonprofit supporting science-based education on CBD, says the No. 1 misconception in the debate is that THC, from cannabis, can only be recreational, not medicinal.

"The drug warrior's strategic retreat," writes Project CBD's Martin A Lee, is to "give ground on CBD while continuing to demonize THC. Diehard marijuana prohibitionists are exploiting the good news about CBD to further stigmatize high-THC cannabis."

But that may be scaring people away from combining CBD with THC to potentially get even greater relief for their ailments. While some people only feel comfortable with hemp-based CBD, and many are fine with cannabis-based CBD, more and more are looking to combine CBD with THC. Studies have shown that when looking at the positive effects of CBD or THC on cancer cell lines or neuropathic pain — two major health issues that CBD is championed as an aid for — they work significantly better as a tandem than by themselves. This approach falls under the approach of "whole plant medicine" and the "entourage effect."

click to enlarge CBD by itself is creating a health revolution, and now some people are adding THC
Project CBD Founder Martin A. Lee

It's believed by many health experts in the cannabis and CBD field that in pinpointing the kind of plant with the proper THC and CBD levels and terpene notes, a patient can expect a more robust treatment against their ailments. Considering the way that THC and CBD attach to brain receptors so similarly, a THC-plus-CBD product could do wonders in pain management.

Many of those looking for CBD-only products may be afraid of side effects of THC-included products, but it's worth noting that CBD lessens the high one gets from THC. Still, it's a personal preference, and consumers need to find their sweet spot through some trial and error.

But in Washington state, we're lucky enough to have access to a wide range of options, including local budtenders who are properly trained on finding the right choices for newcomers who already are feeling the benefits of CBD. ♦

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