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Adrienne Hanson gets unexpectedly awesome at The Basement. - YOUNG KWAK
Young Kwak
Adrienne Hanson gets unexpectedly awesome at The Basement.

Despite Cheney’s underwhelming size, it does have a few perks when it comes to nightlife. For one, you can walk anywhere in town in a matter of minutes, including Cheney’s four bars, all of which are within a block of each other. Perfect for college students.

And because Cheney is home to Eastern Washington University, there’s a wide variety of things to do on a Ramen-noodle-for-dinner budget. If you’re looking for a quiet evening out, your best bet is early in the week; college students pretty much rule the town Friday and Saturday nights. Thursdays, too.

Whether you’re a student trying to avoid the Freshman 15 or an out-of-towner just passing through, Loco Dogz (313 First St.) is a good place to start your night out here. Tucked in next to The Basement (315 First St.), Cheney’s self-proclaimed “unexpectedly awesome nightclub,” with its dance space, cocktails and seemingly constant theme parties, Loco Dogz grabs you with its out-of-the-ordinary décor. There are the old license plates on the ceiling, car doors hanging next to the menu and a bumper right over the cash register. Add the tires acting as support for the benches and you’ve got one eclectic little eatery.

Once you actually make it to the counter, you’ll be struck once again by the insanely low prices: $2.50-$4.50 for a house dog and $2.50 (plus 50 cents to $1 for each topping) on a custom dog. As for the toppings, they have just about anything you could desire, including crushed potato chips, cream cheese, jalapeño peppers and Coney sauce.

If Mexican food is your thing, you can join the red sweatshirt-clad students for dinner at El Rodeo (505 Second St.), a family run joint known for their after-meal dessert chips, or the hole-in-the-wall Corona Village (1810 Second St.), with its extra-large portions and extra small prices. There’s also the new place in town, El Portalito (24 W. First St.). The restaurant may be small but their food packs a spicy punch.

Don’t blink while driving through downtown Cheney or the next thing you know, you’ll be on your way to Seattle.



As in the bowling kind of turkey, not the Thanksgiving one. Rosa’s Pizza/Cheney Lanes (1706 Second St.) offers games at a dollar, $1.50 and $3, depending on the day. As for the pizza, there’s the popular pepperoni and Hawaiian pies, plus the deliciously out-there option of adding sauerkraut to any pizza.


Immix (122 College Ave.) can be filed under “C” for “classy.” Opened by Chef Matt Irvin, who has also worked at Northern Lights Brewing Co., Immix, with the motto “mix, combine and fuse,” serves lunch and dinner for between $10 and $20. In the mood for tilapia with mango salsa? Immix has got it. Pork osso bucco? Check. Wagyu beef burger? Double-check.


Eagle’s Pub (414 First St.) is the place to go for drinks, pool, poker and T.U.I. (Trivia Under the Influence). Every Tuesday and Friday night, college students and locals alike gather around the many tables to shout, at times, incoherent answers while enjoying the nearly 20 beers on tap. There’s also karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights for S.U.I. (you guessed it, Singing Under the Influence).

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