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A life coaching site for cannabis users, a Seattle marijuana tour, and a weed-related documentary series

TOUR | Seattle's great and all, but you can only check out the Space Needle, feed the seagulls fries at Ivar's or ride the Great Wheel so many times. If you're in the Emerald City with a few hours to spare, consider visiting KUSH TOURISM ( and getting an up-close-and-personal look into Washington's fastest growing industry. At three-and-a-half hours, the Kush Tour ($150) gives folks an in-depth look at glassblowing, oil production, a grow operation, edibles and retail stores. If you're short on time, Kush Tourism also offers a 90-minute Dawg Star Tour, focusing on the Seattle-based producer of the same name. Tour members get a look at Dawg Star's 8,000-square-foot facility and learn about cloning, vegetative cycles, flowering, curing and trimming and more, all for $49.95.

WEBSITE | With the tag line "The logical approach to developing lasting confidence in life, love and cannabis," HIGHLY DEVOTED is not your average life coaching and dating service. Using a four-step process (observe, orient, decide and act), Highly Devoted works to boost the confidence of its users, often responsible cannabis consumers who are tired of the stoner stigma and are looking for a push in the right direction, personally and/or professionally. CEO and Head Coach Molly Peckler has experience as a matchmaker and in the cannabis industry, so Highly Devoted users are in good hands. Visit for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

TV | In WEEDIQUETTE, a Viceland docuseries about all things marijuana, VICE correspondent and host Krishna Andavolu (pictured) puts a face on just about every aspect of the industry. In the show's first season, which wrapped in April (reruns air frequently on Viceland), Andavolu interviewed children and military veterans who use medical marijuana, entrepreneurs hoping to make it big in the industry, growers in California and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, immigrants seeking access to medical marijuana, people affected by the "war on weed" and women making a name for themselves in the industry. He also traveled to Washington, D.C., and Amsterdam to look into partial legislation. Andavolu breaks down the information so it's easily understood no matter your experience with marijuana, though subjects are kept in the forefront. Earlier this year, VICE confirmed that Weediquette would return for a second season. ♦

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