Cure your sweet tooth and save your wallet

Cure your sweet tooth and save your wallet
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Ice cream is just the start of the treats you'll find at the Scoop.

This summer more than ever, we deserve to treat ourselves to something sweet once in a while. Whether you're craving something on the healthier side or complete junk food, this list offers a variety of treats from the Inland Northwest to boost your summer mood. Grab some friends or your dog, roll the car windows down, and leave your house for the sole purpose of eating something sweet.

The Wellness Tree Juice Bar
1025 W. Perry St., 598-8558
For those who enjoy a refreshing acai bowl on hot summer days, I have just the spot for you. The Wellness Tree, in the South Perry District, is home to not only practitioners of natural medicine, but a juice bar. All menu items are made with quality ingredients in mind and emphasize the importance of healthy fats, superfoods, and organically sourced fruits and vegetables. To put a spin on the typical acai bowl, I recommend ordering the green bowl. It's packed with ingredients like spinach and kale, but packs an exciting flavor profile with the inclusion of ginger, banana and almond milk. For just $9.80 you can get a small smoothie bowl topped with delicious granola, honey and ripe fruit.

1412 W. Third Ave., 624-1969
If you want to reminisce on childhood nostalgia and the scent of fresh truffles and chocolate, Spokandy has you covered. Original to Spokane and over 100 years old, this candy shop offers a large variety of homemade goodies. Their famous pastel mints can be purchased as a set for just $4.75 and are made with pure peppermint oil and have a soothing creamy finish to them. On top of this, Spokandy also carries a regional summer favorite: huckleberry jam. One jar of Helen's Huckleberry products is available at $8 and will be perfect for morning toast or late-night snacks.

Sweet Peaks Ice Cream
415 W. Main Ave., 474-9096
Of course a hot, sunny day calls for an enjoyable scoop of ice cream. Sweet Peaks makes all of its customized flavors from scratch at its original location in Whitefish, Montana, but they deliver to their Spokane shop to keep us in the loop, too. If you're looking for a trip down memory lane, I suggest trying their original cupcake flavor. It's always a hit with its simplistic yellow cake batter flavor and colorful rainbow sprinkles scattered throughout. A single scoop in a cup only costs $4.50, and is the perfect bite every time.

The Scoop
1238 W. Summit Pkwy., 703-7042 and 1001 W. 25th Ave., 535-7171
One of the best ways to enjoy a quick treat in the beautiful Kendall Yards area is to buy an ice pop. Fannie's Ice Pops, a locally run small business, can normally be found at numerous summer farmers markets in the area. With the turn of events our summer has thrown at us so far, Fannie's can still be found in other locations to satiate our ice pop needs. Head into the Scoop and grab yourself one of these truly delicious treats. I recommend the classic chocolate avocado. It's vegan and gluten free, but still manages to achieve the fudgy texture and rich flavor you want in a chocolate popsicle. A single pop costs just $3.

White Dog Coffee
2909 E. 57th Ave., 448-7668, and various locations
Summertime marks smoothie season for me, at least in between milkshakes, and White Dog Coffee has a good one at a great price. With sizes ranging from 12-32 ounces all coming in at between $4 and $6, you don't have to sweat dropping $10 on a tasty beverage at this drive-thru. My go-to is the strawberry-banana smoothie, a refreshing blast on a hot day at a price so nice you'll want to drive through twice. (DAN NAILEN)♦

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