April 14, 2022

DreamWorks Animation exhibit opens at the MAC

Don't even try to deny it, you're a total sucker for an animated children's movie. There's an indisputable charm to movies about talking zoo animals and kung fu-fighting pandas that capture the hearts of adults and children alike. That's what makes the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture's new exhibition so special.

Dreamworks Animation: The Exhibition — The Journey from Sketch to Screen is sure to drop jaws and put sparkles into the eyes of all who gaze at the exhibit's expansive, and nostalgia-inducing, contents. The initial idea came from a partnership between the ACMI (Australia's national museum of film, television, video games and art) and Dreamworks Animation Studios, and their collective desire to give audiences the opportunity to explore over 25 years of storytelling through animated movies. Read our full story here.

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Alyssa Hughes photo