For Your Consideration — April 18, 2013


Even for the most ardent poetry resistor, the playful, upbeat work of 14th century Persian poet Hafiz can be the exception. While the work is influenced by Islam, it’s more focused on universal principles like thankfulness than on the specifics of any faith. Translated by Daniel Ladinsky, the collection A Year With Hafiz: Daily Contemplations offers a poem for each day. “If you ever become too complacent, too accepting of your sorrow or shadow self,” reads one entry, “the moon might fling a beehive into your undies and that should wake you up.”


Local artsy type Karli Ingersoll is a lot of things: a musician, a designer of everything from logos to websites, one half of the duo behind what could soon be Spokane’s newest music venue, The Bartlett. Now, she’s collecting good stuff from all those realms There, she curates everything from posters, photography and art to well-designed signage around town and new local music. She also highlights the occasional don’t-miss event for creatives — or those who just have good taste. 


It all started when I couldn’t find a decent head of broccoli at any of my usual grocery stores. Even the best looking ones would brown after a day in the fridge. The solution: let someone else find the good stuff for me. Full Circle delivers fresh, local, organic produce weekly. It’s affordable and consistently high quality with the added warm and fuzzies of knowing you’re supporting local growers and eating organic. Sign up and pay at and they’ll deliver your choice of fruits and vegetables to your door or a neighborhood drop-off location.

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