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Apr 18-24, 2013

Vol. 20, No. 27

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  • Ganging Up

    Why some lawmakers want to limit access to public records

    By Justin Runquist

  • Crisis of Faith

    For Christians in the wedding industry who oppose gay marriage, a moral dilemma has become a legal one

    By Daniel Walters

  • 'Accident Potential'

    Efforts to relocate residents near Fairchild hit a snag; plus, Spokane police get new gadgets

    By Daniel Walters, Jacob Jones and Heidi Groover

  • Security Versus Dignity

    New Spokane jail policy has inmates restrained in “belly chains” for non-trial court appearances

    By Jacob Jones

  • Next Stop

    STA wants to know what it would take to get you to leave your car at home

    By Heidi Groover






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