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Electro-pop gems, stunning Sun Valley and a singalong app

MUSIC |With bright-blue hair, you can't miss her. New Jersey native Ashley Frangipane (better recognized by her stage name, Halsey) has released her debut album BADLANDS. Harnessing elements from the indie, synth, and electro-pop genres, this album creates a unique and upbeat classification of its own. With hauntingly eerie allusions to her mental state, the metaphorical dystopia of the "badlands" becomes her personal escape. Quickly rising up the charts, Badlands is proving to be one of the year's most popular albums.

INSTAGRAM |Ready to move away from fall now that Halloween is over? Anticipating that Spokane snow that should be arriving any minute now? Say goodbye to the FOMO and check out the Instagram account @SUNVALLEY, highlighting the best, snowiest winter photos you can imagine. Situated in the heart of Idaho, Sun Valley's gorgeous mountain ranges and mirror-like lakes will have you packing up your things to get outside. If you're the type that prefers to be inside, the feed will provide you with all the beautiful scenery you could ever need.

APP |If you ever jumped on the Pitch Perfect bandwagon, chances are at some point you were wishing for a group of really talented friends who could sing and play music. Now you can have the harmonies, melodies and percussion lines all on your own. ACAPELLA is an app designed to let you sing all of the parts and quite literally become your own "one-man band." With the option of choosing between two and nine different frames, the possibilities for creating your own song or mashing-up a popular song are endless. Record each frame individually, then play them all back to create your own world of acapella awesome. ♦

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