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Nov 19-25, 2015

 Digital Edition


  • Tipping Point

    Everyone from Gov. Butch Otter to the ACLU says Idaho's public defender system is broken — and fixing it won't be easy

    By Jake Thomas

  • Extraordinary Ordination

    Meet the first woman to be ordained as an Ecumenical Catholic priest in Spokane

    By Mitch Ryals

  • Never Simple

    An update on the future of the Ridpath; plus, why more oil trains will be heading through Spokane

    By Jake Thomas, Daniel Walters and Mitch Ryals

  • Risky Business

    As the region plans its energy needs, Avista holds on to a source of power that critics consider a liability

    By Jake Thomas

  • Gone Too Soon

    What happened to Kim Vezina?

    By Quinn Western

  • Healing High

    With marijuana-infused topical products, pain relief goes green

    By Azaria Podplesky





  • Turnaround

    How a new batch of optimistic entrepreneurs plan to bring more live music to Spokane

    By Laura Johnson

  • The Next Generation

    Veteran punk-rock quartet Cause want to teach young musicians a thing or two

    By Azaria Podplesky


  • Wrapping it Up

    Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss Everdeen brings the Hunger Games series to a thrilling end

    By Maryann Johanson

  • Just the Facts

    Spotlight makes the work of journalism both heroic and human

    By Scott Renshaw

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