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A game with a great story, winning TV comedy and Bernie fake-unleashed!

GAME | It takes a certain amount of cockiness as a writer — one of a computer game, even! — to make stories themselves as powerful as they are in SUNLESS SEA, an indie PC game that sends you trekking against a dark and terrifying underground ocean. But, boy, does it earn it. The writing is so good — spanning the zany, the fantastical, the frightening — that it makes for its own reward. Adventures await at every port. Build your own network of spies. Play military advisor in a civil war between rats and guinea pigs. Die in a blaze of glory battling a living iceberg and pass your treasures to your seafaring son. Or sacrifice a crew member to a cruel god in hopes he'll grant you just enough fuel to limp home.

TV | In its second season, MAN SEEKING WOMAN (FXX, Wednesdays, 10:30 pm) continues to capture the frustration and absurdity of modern dating in your late twenties, essentially drawing on the metaphor-made-literal quality of Woody Allen movies, without all of Allen's creepy neuroticism and self-pity. In one episode, the efforts of Josh (Jay Baruchel) composing a text message to ask a woman out becomes a war-room argument between generals and scientists over the text's exact language. In another, Josh heads out to a cabin with his girlfriend's college friends, but feels left out when he doesn't get their inside jokes and when an ax-wielding maniac is after everybody but him.

TWITTER | This is the Golden Age of parody Twitter accounts. If we had a choice of Golden Ages, that wouldn't be our first preference, frankly. But @BERNIETHOUGHTS, the all-caps feed purporting to reveal the thoughts of wildly gesticulating Democratic socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, is the best of the batch, giving us tweets like: "HOT TUBS ARE GIANT POTS OF PEOPLE BROTH AND I REFUSE TO GIVE AWAY MY STOCK FOR FREE" and "EVERY YEAR IT'S A NEW YEAR — ENOUGH ALREADY" and "ZUCCHINIS ARE CUCUMBERS THAT BELIEVE IN SOMETHING" and "TOLD MY ADVISOR — I WILL WEAR SHOES OR SOCKS — PICK ONE — NOT BOTH."♦

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