Readers respond to news last week that the U.S. Supreme Court denied Donald Trump's final bid to block release of his financial records

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Pat Halland: This is wrong. They do it to him, they do it to everyone and all for what? If they have something on him, fine, so state it and then request, but if you do not have a crime committed by him, then it's none of anyone's business. ... Tell me this is not political.

Byron Ash: So, prove a crime was committed, then look for evidence? I don't think you understand how the world works. If someone is suspected of committing a crime, evidence is collected. You and Trump believe he is a superhuman who is not subject to human laws, so he refused to turn the subpoenaed evidence over, hence the court case. The Supreme Court said no, you dunces; he needs to follow the law.

Jason Hagen: Why doesn't conservative media tell you about the crimes he is being investigated for? Blame them for not telling you. Obviously Trump's hand-picked Supreme Court justices side on the Constitution and not one man.

Chris Ehm: His taxes were requested as part of an investigation. I'm not under investigation, so no one is requesting my taxes. It's really simple.

Carla Carnegie: This investigation has been going on for quite some time. The fact there is sufficient evidence to dig a little deeper and have a look at the documentation that will prove the crimes in a court of law is totally right and acceptable. Just because he is Trump doesn't mean he gets a special pass.

Meri Louise: Oh poor Trumpy wumpy! Being held accountable.

Ken Morrison: If he has nothing to hide, he'll have the last laugh by blocking the release of his taxes. If he does have something damning in the shadows, he'll learn the trade value of Top Ramen on his cellblock.

Paco Zee: This guy has spent millions over the past years to keep anyone from seeing his taxes. How does any reasonable adult not have some intellectual curiosity to want to know what he is hiding?

Shane Mabrey: I would love to see him go to prison for tax evasion. We all know it will never happen though. He will flee the U.S. before ever going down.

James R. Sweetser: There is good reason to investigate fraud and misrepresentation. Could be charged with RICO, and criminal fraud. ♦

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