Readers respond to a news story showing that the redder a Washington county was politically, the less likely its residents were to be vaccinated:

Scott Wilburn: Stevens County is really going to cause problems for our case rates and hospitalization rates in Spokane County. I lived in Colville for five years — lots of backward thinking up there.

Maggie Brayton: I am not at all surprised. Spokane County is so backwards it might as well be Idaho.

Joe Pekala: I haven't gotten my first vaccine and not only would I never vote for Trump, I wish the son of a bitch were behind bars.

Tina Thorson: My god. I'm shocked.

Loryn Nelson: There is a lot of talk about how they will "convince" those people to be vaccinated, but I promise you, a person against getting the COVID vaccine is not going to be "convinced" by a free cheeseburger or milkshake or entry into a lottery to take this vaccine. They will not take it for any reason. Not to fly, not to grocery shop, not to see a baseball game. The sooner vaccine pushers realize that, the sooner we can all move on. It's a hard no.

Keith Holt: Weird. Almost like Trump voters aren't scared of COVID and have more important things to do.

Byron Ash: Trump could've told his cult members eating broken glass was healthy and they'd all be dead now. The anti-vaxxers used to be crystal-waving hippie lefties. Trump voters took the stupid title and ran with it.

Kevin Henderson: "Scared of COVID"? Is that the problem with you people? You think it is fear that causes someone to act rationally during a pandemic? Is it fear that makes people wear a seatbelt? Is it fear that gets people to look both ways when crossing the street? Is it fear that makes people lock their cars? You've been brainwashed into thinking this way. Seek assistance.

Shaun Chambers: Good ol' West Idaho. ♦

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