Get your phone out and go follow these Instagram cats, right meow

click to enlarge Get your phone out and go follow these Instagram cats, right meow
Gary the Cat (@greatgramsofgary)

Back in the day, when I was still a young, bright-eyed journalist, and somehow had the time to spare, I wrote a regular blog feature for the Inlander called "Cat Friday," which some of you may remember. Each week, I posted adorable feline-focused content on everything from cats living at local businesses to updates on the celebrity cats of the day, from Lil' Bub to Grumpy Cat. (May their sweet souls romp playfully across the Rainbow Bridge, for all of eternity.)

While Cat Friday was quietly retired years ago, my fondness for cats has, naturally, only grown deeper since. In recognition of that fact, and as a throwback to my past as a professional cat blogger, buckle up for this special "Cat Friday" spinoff. Here, I recommend some of my favorite, must-follow felines of Instagram, because — let's be real — social media was actually made for cats and cat people.

Oh, Gary — you precious, fluffy, pink-nosed meow-taineer. This Canadian Rockies-based rescue cat is more adventurous than most humans, trekking high into the snow-capped mountains and floating across stunning glacial lakes throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Name the outdoor activity and Gary's done it: skiing, ice climbing, rafting, ice skating and much more. While his fluff keeps him plenty warm in such cold climes, Gary also knows how to dress for the weather, including donning his cozy red puffer coat, tiny sun protection goggles and even booties.

I don't give a meow, and neither does Chupie, the sassy, judge-y faced Lykoi (aka the "werewolf" hybrid breed) cat who makes regular rounds to pet-friendly bars and brewpubs around Austin, Texas. Besides not giving two fluffs about what anyone else thinks — about him or anything else — Chupie's other claim to fame is a near-rabid obsession with bread. Yes, bread.

Another bunch of sweet and furry Cat-nadians, Oreo and friends Onyx and Pudding hope to make all their followers smile, whether it's with fun cat-friendly DIY projects, cooking tutorials, spastic playtime videos or sharing some helpful life advice. Case in point, consider this recent gem of wisdom from fluffy Oreo himself: "Never feel guilty for doing what's best for you. Especially when what's best for you is a plate of spaghetti." Duly noted.

We couldn't do a recommendation rundown of cat-related Instagrams without mentioning the always entertaining and equally adorable feed of Spokane's own locally owned cat cafe, Kitty Cantina. Whether you want to keep up with its creative, seasonal food and drink menus and specials, or just fill your Insta feed with even more cats, give 'em a follow. Besides the insane level of cuddly cuteness, my favorite part about this feed are the hilarious, sometimes snarky bios that its owners regularly post about the cafe's adoptable residents.♦

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