We don't say the "f" word around here. It's tacky. It's overused. And it reveals the ignorance and lack of awareness of anyone who utters it. If we could remove it from the modern lexicon, we gladly would.

The "f" word is, of course, "foodie."

Ugh. Just typing it made me shudder. Over the past decade the term has been self-applied to people who — get this — really enjoy eating. Well, duh. Everyone enjoys eating; if we didn't, we'd all be dead.

But there's no denying that people care more about what they eat and how they eat. The Internet is stuffed with so many food blogs — some excellent, but most written by jerks whose only credentials are laptop ownership and a working digestive system — you could easily convince yourself that you're not knowledgeable enough to make a reservation at the new sushi bar or farm-to-table restaurant in your neighborhood.

Don't worry. We've got you covered. Eating shouldn't be intimidating, for crying out loud.

In our annual Dining Out issue, we have lessons on everything from ordering a bottle of good bottle of wine for your table (it's not as complicated as you think), dining at a four-star restaurant (don't fear the little fork), understanding what's in your sushi roll (yes, the fish is sometimes raw), and plenty more.

We hope you come out of this knowing more than when you went in. But please, please, don't start calling yourself the "f" word.

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