by Inlander Readers

Does Might Make Right? -- Claims by those asserting they've served their country honorably are open to legitimate scrutiny. But those who've denigrated the actual bona fide service records of the Democratic presidential candidate are unconcerned about legitimacy.

They're self-righteous remnants of long-ago-discredited "my country right or wrong" (MCROW), demagogues. They believe with religious fervor that all military actions by our country -- even wars, like Vietnam, widely discredited as a corporate-driven abomination against poor ethnic groups -- must be supported without dissent. To them, questioning their nationalistic "might makes right" dogma is unabashed treason. Without MCROWs worldwide, history would be far less thrilling.

President Nixon despised John Kerry for both fighting in the Vietnam War and later condemning its dubious foundation and atrocities. Like political Draculas, Nixon's ilk will continue sucking the lifeblood from this country's soul until their obsession is thoroughly exposed as the twisted perversion of patriotism that it is.

Robert A. Ethington

Spokane, Wash.

Too Much Rhetoric -- List for Government:

1. The next terrorist attack will not arrive on a date of our choosing but of our enemies';

2. Our borders and coastlines are continually penetrated by illegal aliens;

3. Shipping containers from abroad continue to go unscreened thoroughly;

4. We are unable to get our poorest trading partners to comply with new transportation and commercial security implementations without their economic collapse.

How can we be "winning the war on terrorism," when:

1. We cannot put a face on our enemies, size up their strength or determine their whereabouts, and the world continues to be their playground?

How can the world be safer, when:

1. Commercial airliners continue to be destroyed?

2. The killing continues in the Middle East?

3. Car bombings persist?

4. The North Koreans have been allowed to acquire and build WMD and give away the technology?

5. We have allowed the pursuit of WMD by many without constraint?

6. No true effort has been made to better the human condition in some of the world's poorest countries, which then become recruiting grounds for terrorist organizations?

I am by no means a rocket scientist, nor am I a pacifist. But for either political party to stand before the American public and make bold declarations and statements of how they can make America and the world safer, when it's already going down the tubes, is utterly irresponsible and short-sighted. Americans are not little children anymore; just let us have the facts and let us deal with the rest. Give us a plan, show us the plan and enough already with the rhetoric.

J.L. Rodriguez

Spokane, Wash.

Lack of Logic -- I understand that Robert Herold is or was a professor. That fits. Most professors have the idea that they are some kind of intellectual when the fact is that they are minor intellects. They foster their culture by only voting to tenure people who think just as they do. Then they shout about diversity. The main problem I have with Mr. Herold is that he never took logic in college, his arguments are wrong in that he asserts a major premise that is not accepted as fact by both sides of the argument, which is required in Logic. Then he fails to qualify his major premise with the required "given that."

Obviously he is an ideologue or he would admit at least part of the opponent's argument. He bolsters his argument using the argument of an ideologue of the right, Pat Buchanan who has no serious following.

On the Swift Boat controversy, most pundits from the middle -- David Broder of the Washington Post is an example -- assert that there is truth and exaggeration on both sides. Mr. Herold ignores that. Mr. Herold has the facts wrong on getting a Purple Heart in that the wound must be from hostile fire. In his Bronze Star episode, he was wounded from his own grenade as explained by one of the people who was with him in the village at that time. Kerry was an outright liar when he reported that there were widespread war crimes committed. There were war crimes; they were not widespread. That allegation is false. Most of the damage in Cambodia was from B-52s dropping bombs on the Ho Chi Minh trail. I flew over some of the jungle down there and there were large black scars where the B-52's were dropping their bombs, admittedly indiscriminately. But the Viet Cong were using Cambodia also illegally. No word from the left-wing professor on that. It's a good thing your paper is basically free or no sane person would ever read him.

Jack Thompson

Spokane, Wash.

Demanding Answers -- I would like to update people on our problems with Sacred Heart Medical Center's recent layoffs.

SHMC continues to refuse to negotiate the effects of the layoffs, even though approximately one-fifth of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1001 technical group was affected. Many people were laid off with only a few days' notice, though the contract clearly states two weeks' notice is needed. They have sent a letter informing us that they will increase the severance package to union employees, though it is still not half of what non-union employees are receiving. They also said $25,000 in training money will be set aside for the LPNs (that's about $284 per LPN). The union has filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) and a judge has been assigned to the case.

We need to discuss with SHMC how this money can be accessed by LPNs and why other affected employees don't deserve the same option. The LPNs were not the only job class eliminated but they were by far the largest.

At a forum held prior to the layoffs, it was stated that no position would be cut if it meant SHMC would have to turn around and rehire someone immediately to do that work. They are, however, doing just that. They are discussing with WSNA, the RN union, about changing the staffing guidelines and adding RNs and nurses' aides to those guidelines since the LPNs will be leaving on Oct. 31. Also hours have already been re-added in Pharmacy and other areas and though all affected employees were told that they would be the first eligible for additional hours, this is not happening.

Clearly this is poor management. Shouldn't an organization figure out what will happen after layoffs before they occur? Shouldn't managers be given some type of assistance in making major changes within their department rather than being expected simply to pick up the pieces? And shouldn't SHMC also consider the public relations ramifications when they make major changes? Staff morale has been a problem, and poor attitudes can often be felt by our patients. All employees are being taught that if a patient has a problem, we should sit down and at least listen to their complaints and then make changes where appropriate. Yet upper management can't demonstrate this even with their own employees.

Ginny Hein

Chief Shop Steward,

SHMC Technical Group, UFCW Local 1001

Spokane, Wash.

Publication date: 09/23/04

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