On the Street

What are you going to do with your government stimulus check?

Jenny Slater: Buy a tiger. Duh.

Justin Galloway: Buying health insurance.

Michael Pounds: Taking my wife out to a nice restaurant to celebrate our 25th anniversary a month late.

Scott D. Smith: Going to use it to try to save our family business.

Mark Thayer: Pay rent, buy a checkerboard ukulele, put the rest in savings.

Rachel Beck: Mortgage and other bills. I'm self employed and have been unable to work since March 16 when salons were shut down. And I have maternity leave (unpaid) coming up in May/June. We had saved plenty for that, but having an extra 2 months for a pandemic added on was not in the plans. Anyone who tells me to save it for taxes can bite me. That's not an option for a lot of people right now.

Hank Greer: Spend some locally and donate some to Second Harvest.

Heatherann Franz Woods: If it comes... Pay two months mortgage and pray the power doesn't get shut off.

Christi Malsam: Help my kids who have lost their jobs with rent and bills.

Gene Brake: I'm going to spend every penny at a small local business within the city limits of Spokane. I want every bit of it, including the tax revenue, to stay local. If they aren't yet open, I will buy gift cards from them.

Raymond Glines: I'm not out of work, so if my family spends the whole check eating out every night to keep my favorite restaurants open, I won't mind at all.

Alicia Smith: I am getting an additional laptop. I am an online student and now my three kids are home. We lost a laptop to the graphics card gods of chaos last week and are down to one to share. The rest? Savings. I'm essential and even getting overtime but who knows what the future holds!

Zeb Overwood: Rehab for when I get outta quarantine. ♦

Louis Comfort Tiffany: Treasures from the Driehaus Collection @ Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

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