Question of the Week

If you could bring back one shuttered local Restaurant to be open for one more week, which would it be and why?

Question of the Week
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Every week, we ask our followers on social media to share their thoughts. ABOVE: Sweetbreads and Parisian gnocchi from the now-closed Fleur de Sel in Post Falls.

Jody Adams: Kowalski's for their Hawaiian sandwich on French bread!! Don't forget chips and a side of ranch dip!!

Darci Nelson Hastings: Lindamans! Oh how I miss all of their comfort food and the best coffee in town. The culture they cultivated was so unique, and there's nothing that comes close to replacing it.

Neal Schindler: Central Food. That's where we always took out-of-town guests, and it was a favorite of ours for any meal of the day. It ushered in the marvels of today's Kendall Yards. I never had a bad meal there.

Seth Popham: The Chai Hana Asian Cafe and Bakery that was out on E. Sprague. Best shish kebabs and meat-filled pastries I have ever eaten.

Roger Jaeger: Cyrus O'Leary's — they had fantastic atmosphere, food, and the staff were very friendly. It was a landmark that should never have disappeared.

Alana Barclay: Rocky Rococo downtown because they had the best salad bar in town... not to mention excellent pizza, pasta and breadsticks. It was our go-to when we were downtown.

Kim Lakatsas: Lenny's in Cheney. Wonderful food, atmosphere and staff. Many a romantic date night.

Janet Hacker-Brumley: Vin Rouge. They had a great gnocchi, salads, coffee ice cream with hot fudge sundae and of course the wine was excellent too.

Spencer Kneifel: Hill's [in Spokane]. Great food, great service, and the brewers dinners were awesome!

Gisela Hanks: Fleur De Sel in Post Falls! There is truly no other restaurant like it! Exquisite French cuisine at a reasonable price, beautiful ambiance and charming service every time. I miss them so very much. ♦

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