On the Street

What are your concerns regarding online privacy and social media?


I downloaded an app for my sports watch this morning and it asked me to sign in with Facebook, and that's easier than starting a new account, so I hit "sign in" with Facebook and it says in this little tiny print "this will access your contacts and your friends" and other stuff, but it won't post for you. I thought, "Why does my sports watch need access to my friends on Facebook?" So I backed out of it.


Online privacy hasn't been a huge concern of mine. I've always felt pretty secure about the information I choose to put out there. I know it's a topic that's getting a lot of headlines right now, but I've always felt that there were enough eyes and ears out there for me.


We don't really have any privacy anymore online with what we're doing

Would there be anything that would make you want to deactivate your account? Or...

I think I'm OK. I'm OK with the lack of privacy if it's just following me with day-to-day stuff, walking down the street.


I use Facebook but I keep it pretty generic. I don't post many pictures of my family.

Would there be anything that would make you want to deactivate your account?



This last leakage was pretty bad.

The Cambridge Analytica thing?

Yeah, that's pretty concerning. I know a lot of people have been deactivating their accounts and worried about that.

What are your concerns?

Just sharing because there's a lot of information out there about where you're living.

Interviews by Quinn Welsch, 3/26/2018, Kendall Yards

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