Shrimp and smoked pork over cheesy masa grits.
Young Kwak
Shrimp and smoked pork over cheesy masa grits.

The Bad Seed

The Bad Seed is located inside an Italian Renaissance-style, historic brick building that served as Hillyard's public library branch for more than 50 years. It beckons visitors with an ornate, gothic-esque facade, and once inside, they'll find Tex-Mex style eats, creative craft cocktails and a moody vibe. Beneath the open ceiling's beautifully carved, exposed beams, solid wood tables reminiscent of grandma's kitchen are juxtaposed with a couple of huge female nude paintings hung in the 21+ bar area. Stacks of antique, cloth-bound books and the warm glow of shaded lamps, meanwhile, evoke a cozy, studious atmosphere in a nod to the building's past life.