The Buzz Bin: Pints for Pokes, Oregon Trail goes mobile and new music!

The wacky world of vaccine incentives keeps getting more strange. West Virginia is actually offering free guns to some winners of their "vaccine lottery." I prefer the moves of Spokane brewery Humble Abode, offering a free pint through the month of June to anyone who shows their vaccination card and proof of getting either their Johnson & Johnson one-shot shot or their second Modern or Pfizer jab this month. Find out more about their "Pints for Pokes" at (DAN NAILEN)

One of the most-played games of my childhood was Oregon Trail 2 on CD-ROM. So I was pumped to learn there's a new update — in gameplay and cultural representation of Native Americans — now out via the Apple Arcade subscription service. This new version brings all the nostalgia for fellow '80s and '90s kids who journeyed the Trail (Hunting! Caulk the wagon and float! Dysentery!) with modern resource management and decision tree mechanics. While some reviewers in the Apple store complained it's too hard, I almost made it to Oregon in a couple of hours before I messed up and accidentally gave all my food to a wayward traveler... and then my party died. That said, I think this remake is just challenging enough to be interesting and engaging. The music and graphics are also top-notch. (CHEY SCOTT)

There's noteworthy new music arriving in stores and online June 11. To wit:

MAMMOTH WVH, Mammoth WVH. Eddie Van Halen's kid Wolfgang debuts his own band.

LUKAS NELSON & PROMISE OF THE REAL, A Few Stars Apart. Willie's kid and his ace band knocked out 11 new songs during the pandemic.

SLEATER-KINNEY, Path of Wellness. No famous parents here. Expect to hear a few of these tunes at their Spokane show Aug. 6. (DAN NAILEN)

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