Mind-bending sci fi, Idaho's Governor's Awards and deciphering your dog's barks!


Fans of Westworld don't have to look far to get their next mind-bending sci-fi fix, as that show's creators are now pulling viewers into the futuristic world of THE PERIPHERAL on Amazon Prime. It's easy to get sucked into the storyline as you watch how the newest in immersive video game technology quickly becomes more than just a game. Soon, secrets unravel about how a poor Midwest community in the not-too-distant future is linked with a post-apocalyptic London near the end of this century. It's hard to describe more without spoilers, but suffice it to say that if you're a fan of futuristic technology, Terminator-style ethical dilemmas and beautiful CGI integrated into live action, you'll enjoy this series. New episodes drop Fridays through Dec. 2. (SAMANTHA WOHLFEIL)


Every other year since 1970, Idaho's governor has recognized members of the state's visual and performing arts community, including art educators, administrators and supporters with the GOVERNOR'S AWARDS IN THE ARTS. Past recipients range from widely recognizable names — Bruce Willis, who lived in Hailey — to the hyperlocal, but nonetheless revered, like Cliff SiJohn of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe. This year's North Idaho honorees include Daniel Bukvich, University of Idaho music professor and jazz choir director, as well as Sandpoint visual artists Stephen Schultz and his late wife, Romey Stuckart. Coeur d'Alene recipients are Sorensen Magnet School of the Arts and Humanities; music teacher Kristina Phillips; and North Idaho College theater professor and recently appointed division chair of the college's Communication and Fine Arts Division, Joe Jacoby. Ali Shute, executive director of the Coeur d'Alene Arts & Cultural Alliance, also won for excellence in arts administration. Watch the ceremony live on Nov. 28 at arts.idaho.gov. (CARRIE SCOZZARO)


If you've ever wanted to decipher your dog's barks or wished you knew what your furry friends are up to when you're out of the house (and don't have a critter cam), THE HIDDEN LIVES OF PETS on Netflix is for you. The four-part program spans the gamut: dogs and cats, mostly, but also birds, rodents, reptiles and fish. It also covers compelling topics like animal intelligence and athleticism. Tune into the "Super Senses" segment to watch goldfish play underwater soccer and follow the adventures of Kenny, the orange tabby with a better-than-store-bought GPS system built into his feline DNA. (CARRIE SCOZZARO)

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