Tools of the Discreet

How to enjoy your high on the sly

Tools of the Discreet
Tools of the discrete cannabis fan.

The legalization of recreational cannabis meant a lot of secretive stoners could suddenly open their home's curtains, cancel their "air freshener of the month" subscriptions and actually open their doors when someone knocked, without fear of arrest.

That's a good thing. But just because you can flaunt your weed-friendly lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean you want to. Maybe you have co-workers, in-laws or curious children who don't need to know that Mom and Dad like to partake every now and then.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep your marijuana usage to yourself, from discreet smoking utensils to secretive storage containers. Here are a few favorites to consider.

Vuber Personal Vaporizer (1)

These handy little units range in price from about $15 up to $130, depending on your smoking and voltage preferences. If you're exploring wax, shatter or cannabis concentrates, Vuber has a rechargeable vaporizer that will fit in your pocket or a nondescript carrying case ($7 on the company website). You can find these at most local recreational weed shops.

Dictionary Diversion Book Safe (2)

Unless you make a trip to the pot shop every time you want to get high, you need to keep your stash somewhere. If you're a kid with a tie-dye tapestry on the wall and Marley on the stereo, it probably doesn't matter where. If you're trying to be a little more subtle, check out this "New English Dictionary" — actually a small safe that can only be opened with the key.

Dank Tank (3)

The good people at (yes, that's real) consider the diminutive Dank Tank the most "smell-proof" container for holding buds, thanks to its double lids and black color that keeps harmful UV rays from messing with your weed. You can get one that holds almost three quarters of an ounce for less than $20.

JuJu Joints (4)

It doesn't get much simpler when it comes to enjoying your cannabis than this preloaded, precharged, disposable vaporizer. JuJu Joints come in sativa, indica or hybrid variations, and you don't need a lighter or even a button to push — just take a drag and you're on your way. The nice thing, besides the fact that you're not lighting something on fire and passing a smoking torch around, is that they're relatively scent-free. JuJu Joints run about $45 at area stores, and each one should last you about 150 hits. (5)

A local budtender recommended this Chinese retail site as a good source for all sorts of secret-stash tools, and he was right. If you don't mind waiting a while for delivery, you can order cheap, hollow "batteries," "car lighters," "lipsticks" and more that will keep your pot hidden in plain sight. ♦

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