What if a magic pill was available to you, free of charge, that would benefit every aspect of your physical, mental and emotional well-being? Would you take it? I'm betting most of us would. So why do CDC statistics show that just 53 percent of American adults are getting enough physical aerobic activity? Fitness is actually a complex issue, as Seth Sommerfeld explores in "The Enigma of Exercise" (page 10), but there are things we can do individually, and as a culture, to get moving.

In our Home section, Carrie Scozzaro checks in with some of the most practical-minded, creative artists in the region: woodworkers. From the carefully intricate cuts of CJ Morrison's wall hangings to the elegantly subtle curves of a chair by Dan McGrew to the witty work of the Cody Schuler, woodworkers are carving out a lasting regional legacy in the Inland Northwest (page 26).

With home prices continuing to climb, it's more important than ever to make the most of every one of those expensive square feet. In our feature on a designer's favorite space, "Smooth Transition" (page 22), Spokane designer Carter Crandall of Blythe Designs shares a recent project that reclaimed a puzzling, under-used space, and she offers some tips on finding — and maximizing — idle extra square footage in your own home.

And in the Food section we visit Bark, A Rescue Pub (page 40) for a master class from chef Kayleigh Wytcherley in the use of the versatile, umami-loaded mushroom.


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