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  • Aug 30 - Sep 5, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 46

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  • Fashion on the fringe

    "I was reborn, as if the act of changing clothes were to force me to live another life." -- Pablo Neruda A sway of skirt, a dash of hat, a tilt of belt on the hips. This is the art of dress -- art by the body, art in motion, progressi
  • College-Back to the books

    It's as much a part of the college experience as dragging your new towels and trusty computer up three flights of stairs to your tiny new dorm digs, or getting used to the gelatinous substance the cafeteria tries to pass off
  • Summer's last hurrah

    It's cleanup time for your garden. By cleaning up, you get ready for the harvest season and the last burst of color and fruit of fall. So here are some thoughts to get you ready for the autumn. Veggie Ripening August should have been the gol
  • From O Brother to O

    Evil's the hard part; bad guys are a dime a dozen. Iago, from Shakespeare's Othello, is one of the great bad guys because he's downright evil -- his inexplicable malice toward the title character has fascinated writers for years. There's no go
  • The scene

    If Spokane were to suddenly develop a vital arts scene, would it suddenly explode into our midst, taking everybody by surprise with its energy and momentum, revitalizing everything in its path? Or would it creep up on us, with all the hard
  • Citizens critique-The Deep End

    The phrase "the deep end" takes on parallel meanings in this stylish, understated film noir by David Siegel and Scott McGehee. At times the name of a hypnotic gay bar in Reno, at others a reference to the vast mount
  • Gonzaga University

    Location: Central Spokane Founded: 1887 Student Body: 5,000 Tuition: $18,300 School starts: Sept. 4 Hangouts Off campus: On the edge of campus, there are a variety of places students go to eat and socialize, such as David's Pizza
  • Washington State University

    Location: Pullman, Wash. Founded: 1890 Student Body: approximately 17,000 Tuition: $3,898 per year School Starts: Aug. 27 Hangouts Off-campus: Rico's is a popular place to study. There are two movie theaters in town within three blocks of each ot
  • Circus, circus

    The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & amp; Bailey Circus brings its 131st edition to the Spokane Arena for seven performances starting today. Filling three rings of entertainment, all of the usual suspects will be in attendance, including acrobats
  • Cheney will be just fine

    Your commentary, "Saving Cheney," by Robert Herold (8/16/01) needs a little updating and clarification. Eastern Washington University is doing very well these days, as alluded to in the article. After the intervention of the state legislature, Eastern Was
  • North Idaho College

    Location: Coeur d'Alene Founded: 1933 Student body: approximately 4,100 Tuition: $1,404 School Starts: Aug. 27 Hangouts Off campus: Coeur d'Alene Beach is just a hop and a skip from North Idaho College. Students also go biking and hiking on Tubbs
  • Citizen Critiq-Jay & amp;amp; Silent Bob

    Kevin Smith has given his fans a laugh-a-minute farewell to his "Jersey Trilogy." Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is the duo's fifth film. They have been pivotal, albeit small characters in all of his films since Clerks. But they have bee
  • A world of mad fact

    Pure joy, pure bliss: I saw a movie called Amelie on Monday night that seemed to have made my movie year. Little tears sting my eyes throughout. I join friends from New York at a party for a film set in Los Angeles. We talk about what we have
  • Femmes fatale

    Recent history is riddled with examples of criminals, celebrities, and politicians being tried in the court of public opinion. One need only look to yesterday's headlines to find examples of the media making or breaking someone's future b
  • University of Idaho

    Location: Moscow, Idaho Founded: 1889 Student Body: 13,116 Tuition: $2,720 per year in state, $8,720 out of state School Starts: Aug. 27 Hangouts Off campus: Not far from school, you can find a variety of stores, many within the Palouse Empire
  • The wild blue yonder

    While even the biggest fans of David Caruso still recall him mostly for his one-year-and-four-episode stint as Detective John Kelly on NYPD Blue back in the 1993-94 seasons, Caruso has done a lot of moving on. He left the hit show to do some
  • Animal Rights

    Elephants, tigers and other exotic animals may be symbolic of the circus in the public imagi-nation, but their presence in the performing arena has drawn the ire of numerous animal rights groups, including People for the Ethical Treatmen
  • Behind the times

    As I have said before, I want the River Park Square project to succeed. I do believe it does, and will continue to contribute to a downtown revival. I also take the position that this revival is critical to the social, cultural and econom
  • Holy rollin' revival

    The fictional setting of the current Lake City Playhouse musical is a church, but the production itself also occupies holy ground. Some 35 years ago, the Coeur d'Alene community theater purchased a Mormon church as its headquarters. Today
  • Young in Spokane-A dialogue

    Maya is trying to hold her cigarette casually, as though there is something more important for her to be paying attention to this evening. She's looking down the nearly empty street, telling me why she's going to leave Spokane. "There's
  • Glued to the tube

    The only thing better than waiting for your favorite TV shows to come back is checking out all the new shows. The new season includes kickboxing CIA agents, drama from the villain's point of view and Richard Dreyfuss on the small screen
  • Eastern Washington University

    Location: Cheney and Spokane Founded: 1882 Student Body: over 9,000 Tuition: $2,964 in state; $10,230 out of state; Western Undergraduate Exchange $4,500. School Starts: Sept. 26 Hangouts Off campus: The cinema in town, which has three small t
  • Train, race and collapse

    Anxious people in numbered swim caps mill around a beach in the early-morning light. Despite the protection of wetsuits, the wind off the lake is still chilling. There's glare on the water, making the first buoy difficult to see. Everyone
  • The story of O

    With a John Woo-like start -- the screen is filled with flapping doves -- director Tim Blake is pretty close to being on the mark in his attempt to translate Shakespeare for a contemporary audience. Working with the Bard's tragedy Othello, a st
  • This is no Pearl Harbor

    The bloodiest day in American history. That is how Tuesday will be recorded in the history books. Compare, if you will, the numbers to other such tragedies and disasters: America lost some 58,000 men and women in Vietnam in just under nin
  • Foul play

    It looks like former actor (C.H.U.D. 2: Bud the Chud) and producer (Kenan & amp; Kel) Brian Robbins has finally found his niche -- as a director. He's already made two sports-related movies -- the (young) crowd-pleasing and fairly successful footbal
  • High on the hog

    Each city prides itself on trotting out its "Bite of..." and "Taste of..." summer food fests. And what better way to sample a city's varied cuisine for a nominal price? Here in Spokane, we like to revel in our five-day food extravaganza -- P
  • Whitworth College

    Location: North Spokane Founded: 1890 Student Body: 2,026 Tuition: $17,800 School Starts: Sept. 5 Hangouts Off Campus: The off-campus hangouts are all places to eat, including Encore Espresso and Bakery, Starbucks, the northside Oni
  • Young stars

    How does a band choose a name? And do they care if it's an indication of the kind of music they play? Genre-guessing is a pretty easy game with names like Metallica or Megadeth. But what about Blink-182, Korn or Glass Tiger? If you weren't
  • Meth busting

    As I talk to her on the phone, "Mary" sounds just like many other 20-year-olds. She's articulate, she's going to college, she volunteers in the community and she's not afraid to talk. That last part is the most remarkable thing about her,
  • The candidates speak

    Lonny Eachus I have lived most of my life in Spokane, most of that time on the South Hill. I went to Ferris High School, and attended university locally. I am now in my second year as Treasurer of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council. I
  • CD review-Airport 5

    Ever since Tobin Sprout voluntarily removed himself from Robert Pollard's roster of pop-rock renegades, Guided by Voices fans have lamented the loss of his songwriting and vocal contributions and have kept their ears to the ground for any
  • Local Briefs

    Priest Lake, Idaho -- An environmental watchdog group is alleging that illegal logging is taking place in the mountains surrounding one of North Idaho's recreational gems. The Kootenai Environmental Alliance says 11 trees were illegally h
  • Spokane reacts

    Spokane woke up to witness a horrific terrorist attack unfolding in New York City and around the Pentagon early Tuesday morning. As people got out of their morning showers and turned on their TVs and radios, they couldn't help but wonder
  • Rockabilly rebel

    Remember the last time THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT came to The Met? Remember the girl in the balcony, front row center, who could barely contain herself screaming, "WOOOO! WOOOOOO! REV! Hey, did you see that? He winked at me. YEAH, REV! WE LOV
  • At ground zero

    I emerged from the Chambers Street subway stop at 9 this morning into a crowd gaping up at the World Trade Center moments after its top floors had burst into flames. Some people were crying, a few women crossed themselv
  • CD review-Barbara Manning

    Barbara Manning has been a quiet force in the indie rock underground since the mid-'80s, moving through the world and tossing off profoundly affecting sonic jewels with casual flair. Featuring the formidable talents of her current backi

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