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  • May 2-8, 2002
  • Vol. 9, No. 29

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  • Buzz Bin

    Stand Up and Cheer -- WestCoast Entertainment's 2001-02 season came to a rousing close last week to the tune of "Seventy-Six Trombones." The Music Man closed out the schedule, and even though we all knew what was going to happen to Profe
  • DVD Review-Strictly Ballroom

    If "A life lived in fear is a life half- lived" sounds vaguely familiar, in fact sounds a bit like "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return," it's no small coincidence. The first tagline comes from Stric
  • Letters to the Editor

    Try Welcoming Constituents -- This is regarding Dan Richardson's excellent article, "Not Giving Peace a Chance," in the April 11 edition of The Inlander. I was present during most of the attempt to visit with Congressman Nethercutt, thoug
  • Jet Set Jottings

    Remember the cheap vicarious thrill that came from watching the adventures of J. R. Ewing and the rest of the gang on the hit TV show, Dallas? You knew J.R. was as smarmy as they come, and ethics were nothing more than an obstacle to suc
  • Recently Reviewed

    The Olive Garden -- The Olive Garden provides food that is well above average for a chain restaurant. The San Remo seafood dip appetizer ($7), a blend of crab, shrimp and cheese with a small amount of chunky tomato marinara baked in a little cassoulet dis
  • Breaking An Hour

    For all you frustrated Bloomies out there, we feel your pain. Every year, you tell yourself "This is the year I break an hour," only to have your dream crushed like a discarded paper cup. To that end, we suggest two options: Number one: Let it
  • Speedy Dalcado's

    A baja grill buried somewhere within the fast food/strip mall vortex that is the North Division Y? Yes. Is it worth a stop on your next trip to Target? Yes! Is it worth a special trip? YES! Dalcado's (between McDonald's and Rosauers in th
  • The Art of Espionage

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  • It's All in the Timing

    And you always thought that Bloomsday was the world's largest individually timed road race (after all, so goes the promotional material). Actually, it's the world's largest individually estimated road race. You didn't think they had a TA
  • Opening Films

    Deuces Wild -- It's already being likened to The Outsiders and not just because Deuces Wild is the story of two brothers (Stephen Dorff and Brad Renfro) trying to avoid the pull of gang life in 1950s Brooklyn. Matt Damon, who starred in Rumble Fish and Th
  • Book Review Range of Possible

    It turns out that poets are just like the rest of us. It's just that they talk about poetry a lot more. Or at least that's the conclusion one gets from Tod Marshall's book, Range of the Possible, a collection of conversations with poets.
  • Summer Movie Preview

    Movies are released on our theater screens every single week of the year. Usually it's on a Friday, sometimes on a Wednesday. Inexplicably, the new Star Wars is opening later this month on a Thursday. But the point is that movies are opening
  • Inlander Picks

    MUSIC: Carry On, Wayward Sons -- They may not have the name recognition of the Grateful Dead, but the Sons of Champlin are widely revered amongst blues-jazz-rock fusion fanatics and have been highly influential on the current crop of co
  • Now Playing

    Alaska -- A solid natural history documentary that explores the beauty and harsh realities of nature in an extreme environment, Alaska is deserving of its 1997 Oscar for best documentary short. Gorgeous cinematography shows Alaska through the seasons, fro
  • Art Out of Context

    They say you can't take it with you, but certainly what we accumulate and collect will say quite a bit about us to future archeologists. This year, Eastern Washington University's Visiting Artist Lecture Series has been examining the them
  • Out and About

    For the love of all that's holy -- is it really Bloomsday time again? It seems like only yesterday I was sitting here at my desk bathed in the glow of the computer screen dreaming up sights, sounds, tastes and smells for you guys to check
  • Cinematic Webslinger

    Sam Raimi is several filmmakers in one: the bratty Three Stooges-loving kid who made the Evil Dead pictures; the canny producer of television camp like Xena: Warrior Princess who became a family man while also pursuing a career of "serious" p
  • Hanging by a Thread

    The worry is not whether Spider-Man has the PG-13 thrills and spills to satisfy a popcorn-happy audience for a couple of weeks before the new Star Wars stomps into town. No, the real worry is whether 40 years of comic book readers are going t
  • Unintended Consequences

    My health insurance premiums for this year have increased by nearly 17 percent. I'm not alone. Yours no doubt did, too. And I hear that larger increases are coming. Lots of people must have taken seriously ill over the past 12 months. St
  • One In a Million

    Many a New Year's resolution invokes the name Bloomsday. Runners train for months before the annual 12k race, and athletes from all over the world travel to Spokane to compete. And after 25 years, Spokane's Lilac Bloomsday Run will honor
  • Rodgers Returns

    The running boom was on, and no one was more responsible for it than the guy in the Snoopy hat and gardening gloves. At the sport's highest point, Bill Rodgers was its biggest star. "I think he was one of the people that helped create a hug
  • Uphill Battle

    In the biblical story, it's Goliath, the heathen giant, who hurls challenges until David fells him with righteous anger and a well-placed sling stone. In the local political version, it's David (activist Clark E. Hager, Sr., and his band
  • Rawk for All Ages

    RAWK is back in the saddle. After a two-month hiatus following the cessation of anything remotely musical at the group's previous adopted home (the Big Dipper), the non-profit, faith-based organization is holding an all-ages nu-metal show
  • Torpedoed in Mead?

    Say you're a married couple, with strong political opinions and some extra money in the bank. The school district is asking for fancy computers and high-speed Internet connections that will, you think, cost too much in taxes. You decide
  • Krall Back to Jazz

    It's too easy to dismiss DIANA KRALL as just another pretty face combined with a bang-up marketing job. For starters, there's the pretty face. That it's featured throughout her albums, gazing through tousled hair in soft focus, doesn't h
  • Report From Rome

    It's a long way from growing up on an apple orchard outside Twisp, Wash., to a seat at the table with the Pope in Rome, but that's the path traveled by Spokane Bishop William Skylstad. Just after being one of only two American bish
  • CD Review-Elvis Costello

    There's an elite group of aging musicians whose work defies the standard genres. Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Nick Cave have all built their careers on unique sounds laid under strikingly original lyrics. With their emphasis on complica
  • Quotes and Notes

    Gambling for Potholes -- "Construction of casinos is outside the Department of Transportation's mission to build and operate transportation facilities." -- A DOT letter responding to Cheney resident Hal Meili's recent suggestion that the
  • Back in the Saddle

    After a decade-long run as country's top duo, BROOKS & amp; DUNN fell off track with 1999's Tight Rope. The album suffered from sluggish sales, failed to deliver the usual parcel of country radio hits and cast a cloud over the future of the gro
  • News in Brief

    Clean up at Kaiser -- SPOKANE -- The Washington State Department of Ecology is asking for public comments on its proposed plan for further cleanup at Kaiser Aluminum's plant in Mead. The site at the now-closed aluminum smelter is contami

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