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  • May 29 - Jun 4, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 33

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  • Stocker Takes Stock

    Bill Hogeboom loves baseball so much, he's willing to lend support to the old adage that the best way to make a small fortune in baseball is to start out with a large fortune. Hogeboom is the sole owner of the Spokane RiverHawks, a new
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff **** Finding Nemo -- The Disney folks once again team up with the geniuses at Pixar for a funny, sad, frightening, wondrous animated story of Marlin, a single father clown fish trying his best to raise his son Nemo (it's a Disney film, s
  • Book Review

    Whatever happened to buy low, sell high?" a character asks near the middle of Jane Smiley's newest novel, Good Faith. The book is set in a mid-sized East Coast community right when Reagan was rewriting the tax code, making everything mon
  • DVD Review

    Adaptation is the type of movie that, when you think about it too much, begins to fall apart in ways that you don't like. Charlie Kaufman, who gave us the genius conceit of Being John Malkovich, has written another movie about famous pe
  • Simply MJ

    Apron Strings and Purse Things -- Remember being "tied to your mother's apron strings"? Women's aprons were a mix of ceremony, lace and utility. Made from cotton, they were carefully embroidered and cross-stitched. Half-aprons made fr
  • Now Playing

    ** Anger Management -- When it comes to the story, the script and the direction, just about everything is wrong with this movie. Adam Sandler is a nice guy loser who is supposedly suppressing a bunch of rage. Jack Nicholson is his anger
  • Reassessing the STA

    by Robert Herold Spokane Transit Authority officials are out and about, sampling public opinion regarding the services it provides. No doubt, funding shortages are a major factor in this sudden concern. These shortages, we know, have less to do with our l
  • Clown Fish

    Disney, the film company that, for decades, among other things, has made a name for itself by killing off the parents -- usually the mothers -- of its protagonists in animated films, has now likely set some kind of record. At the beginning of t
  • Going To Pot

    The rise in interest in container gardening comes as people expand their use of outdoor gardens as living spaces. They are applying the concepts of interior design to their "garden rooms," using plants much like they would use furniture, pain
  • It's a Party In Your Mouth

    You've seen it, right? That new glowing orange Mexican restaurant at the top of South Grand between St. John's Cathedral and Lindaman's? Well, so have I. And after just one visit to the new Fiesta Mexicana, I can tell you frankly that you
  • Letters to The Editor

    Take America Back -- Do you want your country back? Since 2000, our country has been handed over to large, corrupt corporations. Here is a short list of what our appointed leader has done with his tenure. Bush's answer to forest fire
  • The Real Deal

    Take a look around at recent headline-grabbing projects in Spokane - the Davenport Hotel, the Fox Theatre, Lewis and Clark High School - and you'll find preservation and restoration success stories. You'll also find lighting fixtures eit
  • Recently Reviewed

    Delhi Palace -- "Palace" may be a stretch (it's a remodeled fast food building) but the tables are nicely appointed and covered in glass. Oversize cloth napkins add a gracious touch. The menu is expansive and helpfully divided into secti
  • Buzz Bin

    New Boys in Town? -- The two newest gallery spaces in town share some mighty interesting characteristics. First, there are the names: Douglas and Joel. They could be rival male siblings, both with an interest in art. And then there's the
  • Gangster Cool

    A man with a gun takes your wallet and runs into a nearby alley. Not much of a story, you have to admit. A man with a gun and a plan, unreliable collaborators, stylish clothes, a terrible temper and an underworld lifestyle dependent on an art
  • (Don't) Let them Eat Cake

    Empire Health Services had a funny way of celebrating National Nurses Week earlier this month. It was just a week after the corporate parent of Deaconess and Valley Hospital, among other local clinics, had watched many of its nurses and te
  • Wing Wars

    The business trend among many hospital administrations leans toward prioritizing expansions. This is fueled by the hope that additional services and expensive technologies will lure physicians, patients -- and dollars. The "Bricks and Mort
  • In Brief

    No Smoking, Please! -- SPOKANE -- It's estimated that more than 440,000 Americans die every year because they use tobacco -- that's more than the number of people who die from car crashes, suicides, homicides, illegal drugs, AIDS and alcoh
  • Dateline - Mang

    What's up with you, Mang? Inquiring minds (at least those with an interest in live local rock) want to know. This four-piece, 50/50, girl/boy rock crew sprang into existence here almost two years ago out of the remnants of various other l
  • Time To Decide

    When voters endorsed the Public Facilities District's plans to upgrade and expand facilities throughout Spokane County a year ago, they took a leap of faith. While everyone knew where improvements to Mirabeau Point and the county
  • Hammering Out An Agreement

    After a year of wrangling, the City of Spokane, Spokane County and the new City of Spokane Valley appear to finally have a deal. Of course, nothing's final until elected officials sign off on it, but that is expected to be decided i
  • CD Review

    Gillian Welch is a woman who's deeply and irretrievably in love with the past. She carries a battered old Coleman lantern for it, writes it long and expressive love letters, wears its faded colors and uneven stitching on her sleeve. On her
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Blame It on the Potholes -- Drive for Life -- a coalition consisting of among others AAA, Volvo Cars of North America and Indy Racing League Champion Greg Ray -- released a survey early this week saying that more than 90 percent of drivers
  • A Cutting Edge Facility

    Remember when they imploded the Kingdome? For many, it was just plain cool, but for those who design and build public facilities, it had to be a chilling moment. How could they design something that could become so outdated in just
  • Option No. 3

    At a city council meeting in April, an old idea resurfaced about another potential site for the convention center expansion. Although the Public Facilities District rejected the site two years ago in its fact-gathering phase, the id

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