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  • Sep 4-10, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 47

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  • DVD Review

    The Two Towers is a more complicated film than The Fellowship of the Ring, in Peter Jackson's ongoing filming of J.R.R. Tolkien's famous Lord of the Rings trilogy. In the first film, the band of elves, dwarves, humans and hobbits set out
  • Buzz Bin

    Spiked Coffee In case you haven't heard, Tryst (one of the best places in town to get your Internet jones and your coffee jones satisfied at the same time) is now The Spike. Andrew Baucom of Art by Yourself and visual artist Patrick Wals
  • Blackout Bonus

    by William Grieder The New York-to-Detroit blackout was one of those brief, sensational moments of chaos that leave behind a resonant political message. There have been many such moments in the past few years, when "efficient markets" turned on a gullible
  • You'll Have One

    Forget the toy soldier uniforms, the off-key trumpeters, all those beefy guys stuffed into tubas. Blast! is a drum major's fantasy: his band, only with drill-team timing, thunderous sound and an astronomical budget. Blast! is your school'
  • Game Review

    If you're a movie fan, you've likely encountered some small, independently made movie that managed to entertain you more than any big-budget release. Maybe it was the unsettling horror of the original Evil Dead; or perhaps it was the nua
  • Book Review

    Popular scientific writing has always occupied a unique niche in the development of human knowledge. The real science -- the obscure, heady stuff -- is usually a mystery to all but a select few. It has regularly fallen to those tireless ad
  • Opening Films

    David Spade gives it his all, but mostly in the acting department, not in his script co-writing. This comedy about a once-big child star who's now floundering as an adult has a great beginning and
  • Building Trust

    A peculiar but encouraging thing happened in last week's election. The Chamber of Commerce and the Spokane electorate agreed on a ballot issue. The Chamber opposed the return to the city manager form of government, and on Electio
  • A Rocky Marriage

    During his final year and a half as lord of misrule, Saddam Hussein liked to joke that Iraqis should win the contract to rebuild the World Trade Center, since they had so much experience at reconstruction after the Gulf War of 1991. As even
  • The Real Deal

    The students at WSU Spokane's Interdisciplinary Design Institute kicked off the fall semester in traditional fashion last week with the seventh annual Community Design and Construction Charrette, an event that brings students from four d
  • Czech Mate

    The Spokane Chiefs sent their sleek new import back to Europe for repairs, and Jakub Langhammer returned with a powerful new engine. Missing in action much of his rookie year with the Chiefs last season, Langhammer came back to Spokane b
  • The Big Quake of 1960

    The man who led the campaign to change Spokane's government back in 1960 was amazed and even a little disconcerted at how easy it was to do. After the campaign, advertising executive Charles R. Devine wrote a private note to his cohorts
  • Now Playing

    American Wedding -- In the third and final (what? No more band camp?) installment, Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) need to get married. Fast. And not for the usual reason so much as the fact that Jim's granny is sick and
  • Now Playing

    American Wedding -- In the third and final (what? No more band camp?) installment, Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) need to get married. Fast. And not for the usual reason so much as the fact that Jim's granny is sick and
  • Members Only

    Here at The Inlander, we've been getting some phone calls lately. It seems that some of you are peeved about penises. "I don't like the homosexual focus of your newspaper," said one reader. "You obviously don't care about the community
  • Buzz Bin

    Love Finds Andy Hardy -- In fact, love has found Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) at least eight times. And that's only counting the marriages. But the eighth one is, in Rooney's own words, "a keeper," and this weekend Mickey and Jan Chamberla
  • Letters To The Editor

    Mural Musings -- As a born-and-raised Spokanite who has moved to Cheyenne, Wyo., coming home for vacation and seeing the article "Off the Wall" (8/28/03) opened my eyes to what Spokane wants to hide. I am a case manager for a substan
  • DVD Review

    Barry Egan is weird. And not in the flamboyant, rather attractive way that, say, that the Royal Tenenbaums or the Addams Family are weird. No, Barry (Adam Sandler) is weird in the quietly desperate way that many normal people are weird -- th
  • Relief On The Way

    She has worked in Liberia, Uganda, Kenya and Somalia. She's handed out blankets to the cold, food for the hungry and medicine for the sick, all while surrounded by civil wars, famines and AIDS epidemics. Now she's in Baghdad, overseeing a
  • CD Review

    What ever happened to straight-ahead pop music for its own sake? No big message, no self-indulgence -- just a nice melody and catchy lyrics, all coming in at about 3:30 per song. It may be a lost art these days, but Fountains of Wayn
  • In Brief

    by Cara Gardner Leadership Lectures -- SPOKANE -- Gonzaga University's School of Professional Studies is hosting a two-day conference on global leadership called "Leadership, Forgiveness and Social Justice: Healing the Heart of the World," beginning Tuesda
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff For Whom the Bell Polls -- Should political coverage be poll-driven? That's a question that gets raised every year in newsrooms around the country -- just before the editors commission another poll. The practice dominates presidential pol
  • Trouble in Tacoma

    The irony is unmistakable. At the exact time that those urging the return to the council-manager form of government here in Spokane are touting the superior "management" supposedly guaranteed by that system, Tacoma, the last remain
  • Fresh Faces

    A lot has been said about the Spokane City Council over the last couple of years: too much bickering, not enough action; too much action, not enough thought. A council acting like this one, some people say, hurts Spokane's image. It's not
  • In Brief

    by Cara Gardner and Pia K. Hansen Row, Row, Row... -- SPOKANE -- While kayak sales are down for the third year in a row, the trendy sport remains a favorite for millions of Americans. And now some enthusiasts want a whole park dedicated to kayaking. That, th
  • CD Review

    You might have to be a Brit baby boomer like me to understand the excitement over Steve Winwood's work, About Time. Winwood released the album through Wincraft Records, which he has newly formed in collaboration with his Nashville songwriter
  • Birth Control - For Men, Too

    In ancient China, women drank lead and mercury as a form of birth control; during the Middle Ages in Europe, women wore amulets of herbs, animal parts and material soaked in potions to prevent pregnancy. Whether science-based or superstiti
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Media Backlash -- As the events of the past six months have unfolded, with the United States and Great Britain going to war in Iraq over now-dubious pretenses, many citizens have believed the media has played a part. In not digging deepe

Music & Film

  • True Bleu

    I'll admit it. Sometimes, a nice, interesting and above all reproducible photo of an artist or group is all it takes to haul me like a barfly out of my propaganda-saturated haze and get me to take notice. Performers love to get ink. And I
  • Baby Steps

    There have been so many horror stories about the plight of former child actors, it's refreshing to see a film about it -- a fictional film, mind you -- that celebrates them. Well, maybe celebrates is a mite off. It makes fun of them, but does s

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