Friday, May 14, 2010


Posted on Fri, May 14, 2010 at 8:08 AM

WHAT?! An entire house fell on a man yesterday. That's right. Neighbors heard a Boom! and emergency crews found the dude in the wreckage. He was moving the house — the entire house — to get it out of the way of the upcoming North-South Freeway. Somehow he didn't get too badly hurt. Crazy cool! (SR)

OH MY! A man evaded arrest yesterday by jumping out of his apartment window. Take that, coppers! Previous encounters between Robert Jenkins and the law have gone just about as well, as Jenkins has been Taser-ed in the past. I hear it hurts... Run! (KXLY)

EXCUSE ME!? A boating accident on Newman Lake two years ago left a local women without an arm. This weekend, Alana Kienal is holding a HUGE garage sale to raise $7,000 —for a prosthetic hook! Awesome! (KREM) 

OH YEAH! Drill, baby, drill, because the Gulf of Mexico has a crap-ton of oil! According to an "exclusive analysis" by National Public Radio, the amount of oil simply streaming out of the gulf's floor could be ten times larger than what officials are saying! We've struck black gold! (NPR) 

Hm?! A recent decision by the Obama Administration to kill an American citizen (who also happens to be a terrorism suspect) with a drone missile has left a lot of people very confused about the legal process, the war on terror and Obama's handling of the legal process and the war on terror in general. We say it sounds like Star Wars. Have a great weekend! (NYT)

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