Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MORNING HEADLINES: Nooses and three Wal-Marts — Welcome to North Idaho

Posted on Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 8:30 AM

One in the Boring?! Make that morning. The Spokane City Council ran till one in the freaking morning last night/this morning, making Spokane-shattering decisions such as buying a new police evidence warehouse and putting the final touches on the long-anticipated shoreline master plan. Alas, changes to the police ombudsman's investigatory powers were put off. Again. (SR)

Second time, not charming Rachel Dolezal, executive director of Coeur d'Alene's Human Rights Institute, found a noose hanging on her front porch for the second time in two years. Way to go clearing up that perception that the panhandle harbors haters, haters! (KREM)

Save Money. Live Better (x3) The Coeur d'Alene Press, which asks the big questions, wonders this morning if Kootenai County really needs three — count 'em three — Wal-Marts. The everything-is-cheap giant is opening new stores in Hayden and Post Falls this summer and is currently hiring. Guess who's applying? Everyone! (CdA Press)

Simmer down, justice Those waiting for the long-delayed trial of Spokane Police Officer Karl Thompson — whose violent confrontation with Otto Zehm preceded Zehm's death by two days — must wait longer. Until March 7. But don't hold your breath. (SR)

Off with his uniformed head! And, in typical national media landscape fashion, EVERYONE today is calling for Gen. Stanley McChrystal's head. Or defending his head. The outrage comes on the heels of McChrystal's tell-all in Rolling Stone (highlights here) in which he called the president "unprepared." Obama has ordered the general to D.C. for a stern finger-wagging. Or to decapitate him. (Washington Post) 

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