Friday, September 24, 2010

Spokane's surfeit of Apple stores

Posted on Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 8:50 AM

Being on the Internet and all, I'm sure you're all aware the Spokane Apple Store's grand opening is tomorrow at 10 am. If previous store openings are any indication, people will be lining up and camping out overnight for a chance to be a part of the … experience*. Because the best way to celebrate the opening of a retail store belonging to the largest technology company in the world is to party like you're homeless, right?

But as much as we all want to pay homage to our Apple overlords, some Applers wish us to ruminate on Strong Solutions, a local Apple reseller who has taken care of our Apple-y needs while the corporate behemoth spurned us.

That's why they're hosting an alternate camp-out experience at 1718 E. Sprague Ave. Though only six people have thus far confirmed their attendance** on Facebook, the plan is to show up at Strong Solutions around 9 pm and stay there until the 10 am opening†.

So turn out and sleep on the ground in support of your favorite Apple supplier! Because neither option is in any way illogical.

* Nothing against the über-nerds, but most Apple Store openings see them give out T-shirts. It's not like there will be amazing deals or a brand-new product launch.

** Rule of thumb for Facebook invites: Yes means maybe, maybe means no, and no means "not even if it was a bomb shelter during the '50s and the Commie missiles were raining down overhead."

† Luckily, Strong Solutions opens at the same time as the actual Apple Store, which otherwise might have made things awkward.

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