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WANDERLUST: Parks and the Power of Observation

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Generally my wanderings actively involve people; talking, listening, asking questions, and hearing stories.

There's another kind of wandering, however, that requires very few words or direct interaction, but is equally engaging and, at times, provides a much-needed change of pace. It's the kind that allows us to step back from the world and to view it from a distance. It highlights the importance of making time to observe.   

Parks are an amazing place to practice this skill, and lucky for us, Spokane is chock-full of them. They are for people and pets, playing, pondering, family and fun. They are a place where community gathers, and when watched carefully, they tell us a little something -- about who we are as a city and what it is that we seem to value.

 Who says family fitness isn't fun?  A father and son run their dog through Manito Park.

The sun casts shadows through the pines, providing a quiet retreat from the bustle of the city.

Although spring temperatures remain chilly, one family still bundles up for a picnic in the park.  


Signs of winter's passing emerge. 

Dogs, like Dewey, relish their daily walk at parks throughout the city. 

On one of many grassy lawns at Manito Park, kids play soccer - and parents practice too. 

Those seeking solitude are sure to find a peaceful place to rest within one of the city's many parks.

ABOUT WANDERLUST: The photo series is a 60-day visual story-telling project that explores the seemingly ordinary places, people and things we experience everyday. It's about being curious and asking questions. It's about wanting to know more about the world around you and seeing it from fresh perspectives. If you have ideas on where I should wander, drop me a line: amyh@inlander.com.

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