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How to avoid drink lines this Elkfest/Artfest weekend

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There are, like, a thousand peoplepouring into quiet little Browne’s Addition for Elkfest and Artfest right now, and they're gonna be there all weekend. Thatmeans that two things are becoming significantly harder to come by without a serious patience: parking spots and drinks.

But we’ve gotanswers. Not really for the parking situation (Buses! Bikes! Feet! Use ‘em!) but for theboozing.

Here are some nearby spots you can hit when you're in a beer crisis or just need an adventure.

TACOS TUMBRAS (1325 W. Second Ave.) recentlyopened a delightful cantina area in their already delightful restaurant. Itslocation is but a couple blocks outside of Browne’s, which makes it a perfect pitstop on Elkfest weekend. The cantina is cheery, painted just as brightly as the rest of the restaurant, and you can still score their authentic (and super-cheap)food in the bar area.

Also, our research has shown that the whopping 32 oz. “ballenas”of Pacifico available in the Tacos Tumbras cantina are roughly 266 percentmore fun than the 12 oz ones. We encourage all to replicate our study.

In the same direction, but a couple blocks north, is ANDY’S (1401 W. First Ave.), a fine little joint with a full barand tasty food. It, too, is just right outside Browne’s and best reached byusing the pedestrian bridge at the intersection of Pacific Avenue and South MapleStreet, by the fire station.

In another direction entirely is THE SWAMP TAVERN (1904 W. Fifth Ave.). They’ve got a rad back patio with afire, funky lights and, most importantly, beer. The selection is vast, and it’sonly a few blocks from the festival on the other side of the train tracks. Justlook south for the giant yellow andblack sign that reads: “TAVERN.” (Sunset Junction is also nearby.)

Also, please don’t die trying toget across Sunset Highway.

If you'd rather just stock up on 40s, buy them at the sweet SUNSET GROCERY (1908W. Sunset Blvd.) and drink them in the bushes before heading back to the center of the universe at Cannon and Pacific.

Have fun, and enjoy all the music and art this weekend. Oh yeah, and the drinking. WHOOOOO!

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