Friday, October 7, 2011

MORNING BRIEFING: What's wrong with Uranus? Also, Berlusconi riles again.

Posted on Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 7:34 AM


Get your piece of the Ridpath — Portions of the run-down, shuttered, graffitied, downtown hobo toilet will be up for foreclosure auction on Jan. 6 (SR)

Watch your credit cards in Pullman — More than 200 people in the Pullman area have checked their bills to find evidence of vacations in Paris that they don't remember taking. Collective cultural amnesia? Or widespread credit fraud? (KXLY)

CdA Moose Lounge employee gets beat up — The 27-year-old was surrounded by a group of men while taking out the trash. (CdA Press)

Bad advice? — A therapist has been ordered to pay almost $700,000 after diagnosing a Spokane man as a sex addict, claiming that he molested his sons, and ruining his marriage. (SR)

Out There

Sex-crazed Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi wants to rename his party 'Go Pussy' (Guardian UK)

In pictures: A decade in Afghanistan (Economist)

Nobel Peace Prize goes to three women (Gawker)

Yankees knocked out of the playoffs! (ESPN)

Did two giant collisions knock Uranis on its side? (Scientific American)

Eric Cantor on Occupy Wall Street: "They're pitting Americans against Americans" (HuffPo)

50 of the world's best breakfasts (Hostel Bookers)

Stupid Videos

Real-life Angry Birds

How do you even begin a project like this? Who keeps track of every "grab my hand" moment in the movies?

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