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MORNING BRIEFING: It would have been Otto Zehm's birthday today

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It would have been Otto Zehm's birthday today, if he hadn't died in Spokane police custody five years ago. In a moment of cosmic irony, the trial of the officer charged in his death, Karl Thompson, should wrap up today with closing arguments. (SR)

This weekend DEA agents set up an unwanted-prescription-drug booth in Spokane to take back legally prescribed pills that people didn't want any more. Most of the people who took the DEA up on the offer appear to have been people suffering a severe allergy to fun. (KXLY)

People were eating ribs here 14,000 years ago ... mastodon ribs, to be exact. The finding, by a WSU scientist, was published in the journal Science today and proves we were barbecuing Flintstones-style in the Inland Northwest about 1,000 years earlier than previously believed. (SPR)

Out There

The hyper-conservative Koch Brothers helped bankroll climate research done by a noted climate-change skeptic at UC Berkeley. His findings: Yep, shit's getting warmer, alright.

Everybody wants their baby to be the 7 billionth Related: People who track global population warn, "You breeders are kinda missing the point."

After denying it, then blaming it on others, and the media, and opponents, Herman Cain admits to being accused of sexual harrassment. But is all, like, "I totally didn't do it. You guys are jerks for bringing it up."

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