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Opening-day checklist and countdown

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We could be skiing in two weeks or less. Scheduled opening days are a tough one, since it is all based on snowfall. There are a lot of 'what-ifs,' but if the current forecast is anywhere close to true, an opening day in two weeks is feasible.

The countdown continues. Opening day is the start of a season that consumes every moment of my day. So, to be better prepared for the next four months of my life, here is an excerpt from my winter preparation 'to-do' list:

* OK, the obvious: buy/locate my snow shovel. Get snow tires on — just because I have an SUV doesn't remove this one from the list. Locate my window ice scraper. 

* Pick up this week's Inlander. The second issue of Snowlander is located inside. 

* Secure my work schedule to allow for maximum ski time.  Ideally, the schedule would allow me to ski every day, conditions permitting.

 * Refresh memory on the names of my winter friends. Uncomfortable at first with the concept of seasonal friends, I have learned to embrace it. This is like the adult version of the first day back at school after a long summer break. 

* Find the storage box with my ski socks and gloves — and their matching partners.

*Last-ditch attempt to strengthen my ski legs. While nothing better prepares my legs than the actual act of skiing, a little pre-season running, lifting and elliptical time will make my first day a little less painful.

* Pick up my season pass. I have heard the horror stories of opening-day season-pass pick-up lines. I think I would rather be waiting for first chair than be waiting to pick up my season pass. I'm doing myself a favor and getting this one done ASAP.

* Get my stoke on. I know I didn't get enough of the movies this year. That is why I am purchasing them on iTunes. Some of the best from this season are All.I.Can, Travis Rice's The Art of Flight and TGR's One for the Road. I have also subscribed to a large selection of ski- and snowboard-related podcasts and getting lost in them on AppleTV.  My Queue on Netflix include the classics: Hot Dog, the Movie and Better Off Dead.

* Get my skiing playlist ready. My favorites from last season, "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele, "Mi Confesion" by Gotan Project, and "Moment 4 Life" by Nicki Minaj.   

* Attend a 'Pray for Snow' party. Silver Mountain will be celebrating the upcoming winter season with a party on November 18th, a showing of "Tailgate Alaska" and beer specials from Alaskan Brewing Co. Burn skis, drink beer around a bonfire — a great way to train for apres ski — and catch up with those winter friends.

What's on your getting ready for winter to-do list? 

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