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Over There

On Anniversary of 9/11, Angry people attack US Consulate in Benghazi, killing Christopher Stevens, US Ambassador to Libya, and others. Attackers pissed about YouTube teaser for film "Innocence of Muslims" seen as anti-Islam. (NYTimes)

The asshole who made the film is now in hiding somewhere in California. (WSJ)

He's still being an asshole, though: "Islam is a cancer, period." (EW) 

Obituary for Chris Stevens: "friends and colleagues remembered him as smiling, easygoing and friendly." (WaPost)

Protesters in Cairo, Egypt, attacked a US diplomatic building there, too. (CNN) 

Meanwhile, the Somali president targeted by assassins in Mogadishu. (Al Jazeera)

Around Here

New Spokane Police Boss also has a 9/11 story. (S-R) 

STOP THE PRESSES: Plants don't like the cold. (KREM)

Gonzaga and Whitworth again make Top 10 in US News ranking of best colleges in the west. GU at #4, Whitworth at #9 (KXLY)

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