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Comedy or calamity: Global CU's new ad campaign

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OK, first — you must watch this.

Then watch these:

The first video — a hilarious scene from The Office — is comedy. The others … I'm not so sure? Is Global Credit Union's new ad campaign — featuring songs by locals the Flying Spiders, Stephanie Hatzinikolis, Dead Serious Lovers and the 45s — supposed to be funny? Because they're definitely that — not to mention bizarre.

Not to always be the contrarian out there, but my stomach turned a little bit when I saw local talent using their musical prowess to siphon business to a local bank. On one hand, artists selling their music for commercial ventures is nothing new. Hyundai is using a Flaming Lips song in a new ad, Led Zeppelin songs have sold Cadillacs and Verizon phones.

But here's the thing: in those cases, those songs were their OWN music. They were giving money for their existing work. But what bothers me here is Stephanie Hatzinikolis crooning "Global is everybody's credit union," Som Jordan of the Flying Spiders rapping about thinking global and acting local, watching Henry Nordstrom close his eyes and sing with passion that you're "more than a customer, you're a member, too." These are jingles — and, sadly, not even good ones.

It's disheartening to watch locals cash in their talent for a bank. I always thought music was about expression, about needing to share your thoughts with the world. I wonder if these bands thought about how they would be perceived. Maybe they don't care. Maybe they're frustrated at trying to find new fans.

Or, maybe, they've just got bills to pay. And who better to help them pay those than a local bank?

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