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CAT FRIDAY: The best gifts of 2014 for the cats in your life

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Whether you are the master servant of one cat or many, the holidays are all about them, too. (Duh.) But like many cat lovers, the buying of special goodies and treats is something that you frequently cave to year-round. There's nothing cuter or more rewarding than watching your little fur babies go nuts over a fresh, new catnip kicker, right? But when they eventually lose interest, and you tuck the old, forgotten toys away in some dusty basket in a corner, the realization hits of just how stupidly spoiled your cats actually are. The problem arises for me every year: What to get the cat who has everything, and doesn't need a damn thing? Here's my recommendations for cats at all levels of spoiled.

KitNip Box Subscription

Subscription-based "loot" boxes are huge for all interests right now, from pets to video gamers to beauty-product hoarders. Though I've never personally tried this specific service, my all-cats Instagram feed seems to always showcase cats' positive reactions to the product selection that comes each month in their kitties' KitNipBox. Two subscription packages are offered at $19 and $29/month, with the higher cost catering more to multiple-cat households. Boxes include goodies like treats, toys, grooming products and more. It's a great way to stock up on tasty kitty treats, and introduce newness and excitement to your cats' life each month. • $19-$29 •

SlimCat Interactive Feeder
Though some think fat cats are just the cutest, cuddliest little creatures ever, pet obesity is a big deal, with nearly half the cat population estimated to be over a healthy weight. If you have a chubby furry friend, an interactive feeder can help them trim down by making meal time more like a mind puzzle and a game that gets them active rather than a scarfing speed race at the food bowl. Put part of your cats' recommended, daily food allowance in here, or a couple of treats, and make them do a little more work for it. • $6.29 •

Feliway products can be a miracle solution to many stress-related behaviors cats exhibit — fear of new places, going to the vet, riding in the car or leaving the house in general, and meeting a new fur-sibling (or a human sibling, for that matter). It might not seem like a "fun" gift, but your cat will appreciate it next time there's a trip to the groomers or boarder. The odorless product uses a replicated pheromone that cats naturally produce and mark their environment with when they're happy. Every time your kitty is rubbing his/her face on you, or something in your home, he/she is depositing these pheromones, undetectable by humans. Find the Feliway line at most pet stores and vet clinics. It comes in a plug-in diffuser, spray and wipe form. • $49.99/diffuser kit •

Energy Pyramid Cat House

Give your kitty a funky, stylish place to recharge and find solitude in the form of this quirky kitty pyramid. May he/she have sweet dreams of being worshiped as a cats once were during the ancient Egyptians' rule, when cats were considered holy beings for protecting grain storage from rodent pests. This pyramid is lined with a scratch-friendly surface, and would be even cozier if stuffed with a soft bed or blanket. • $32 •

Cat Canoe Bed

Finding the perfect cat bed for your kitty can be seriously challenging. Really. Some cats love covered beds, other cats won't touch them, preferring to lay on every other human-designated surface in the house. This particular model seems to offer the same cozy feel that many hooded or covered kitty beds offer, but in a more claustrophobia-friendly design. The tapered sides create a warm, nest-like embrace around a snoozing cat's body, while also giving an open view to see and hear all that's going on as they snuggle. • $29.95 •

The Furminator
While also more of a necessity than a "fun" Christmas gift for your cat, it's a purchase you'll thank yourself for making come spring when that thick winter coat starts loosening and covering your house in cat fur. I personally swear by this tool. The brush teeth are designed to hit where all that loose fur is coming from, underneath your cats' shiny, silky top coat. After a good five minutes of brushing, you'll wonder how it was even possible your cat had that much fur to begin with. • $42.99 •

Meow-y Christmas!

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