Monday, June 29, 2015

MB: New heat record, wild fires raging, Greece and Puerto Rico have serious debt issues

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Spokane set an all-time June temperature record this weekend. (Spokesman-Review)

No fewer than 24 buildings have been gobbled up by the wild fire raging near Wenatchee. The 3,000-acre brush fire has forced over 1,000 people to evacuate. (KHQ)

A man and woman were injured in a drive-by shooting in North Spokane this morning; the police are preparing to execute a search warrant on the home the pair were standing in front of. (KREM)


The Supreme Court ruled that the sedative midazolam can continue to be used in executions. A group of death row inmates from Oklahoma challenged the use of the drug after it failed to render three inmates unconscious before they were injected with the painful drugs that actually killed them. A newcomer to the lethal injection game, midazolam was adopted after the manufacturers of the barbiturates traditionally used in executions began to refuse to sell them for that purpose. (Gawker)

Puerto Rico's governor regrets to inform the world that the island can't pay the $72 billion in municipal bond debt they've accrued. This puts the island — already plagued by crime and a constant exodus of residents to the mainland — in a situation similar to Detroit or Stockton, who also defaulted on municipal bond debts in recent years. (TIME)

Economic meltdown is happening is Greece, too, and it's sending stocks plummeting around the world. (Guardian)

The two prisoners who escaped from a New York prison 24 days ago are no longer roaming the forest. One was shot and killed by a federal agent, the other was shot and captured by the state police. (New York Times)

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