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WW: Happy birthday, recreational marijuana stores!

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A year ago today, recreational marijuana stores opened for business in Washington state. Long lines of stoners eager to pay high prices for marijuana formed outside often nondescript stores across the state.

Early on, the system struggled with a lack of supply and high prices. But since then, more producers have come online, stabilizing the price the and supply of marijuana. So far $267,551,520 worth of pot has been sold, generating $66,887,880 in taxes, according to figures from the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

To commemorate the event, the Inlander is putting out a big ol’ pot issue this week. You can find out all about the recreational marijuana shops in the Inland Northwest, the results of our pot survey, what’s changed and what hasn’t, all the new ways to consume marijuana, what ever happened to the first guy who purchased legalized cannabis in Spokane, what’s going on in Idaho and more.

Figures on Washington pot sales through June weren’t available by press time, but the Inlander crunched the numbers today to find out how much marijuana has been sold by stores in the Inland Northwest. Here ya go: 

Cinder (both stores) 
Sativa Sisters
Spokane Green Leaf
Greenstar Cannabis
MJ's Pot Shop
Treehouse Club
Cannabis & Glass
Savage THC
The Top Shelf
4:20 Friendly
The Green Nugget
Royal's Cannabis

Grand total:

Here’s the news elsewhere:

In Washington, lawmakers quietly inserted a provision into a marijuana tax bill that outlawed clubs where marijuana where pot can be consumed socially. Since marijuana became legal, social stoners and accommodating businesses have sought to create places where people can consume pot together, not unlike a bar. However, local authorities have often chafed at the idea.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, pot activists are collecting signatures for a ballot measure that, if passed, would allow for “social marijuana use” that would not be unlike having a beer at a bar.

Adolescents who see marijuana advertising are more likely to indicate that they will use the drug.

Marijuana farming is ruining California, according to the Sacramento Bee.

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