Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guess What??

Posted on Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 9:19 AM

Not ALL people that receive food stamps/ TANF are lazy people with illegitimate children! You cannot generalize on an entire group of people by the actions of some. I for one am a single mother; I was married to the father but had to leave him to protect my child & myself. He does not pay child support & the state he lives in isn't in any hurry to make him do so. I recently got laid off and now am in 40 hours of job search a week, which IS a full time job in itself. How would you like to work for 40 hours a week and make only $453 a month? Money that I did pay into by the way when I was working! A friend of mine is married with a child. They are both well educated and had good jobs, now like so many others they are in hard times & use food stamps. Both of them have jobs. Is my life or the lives of my friends any less important than yours? Do we deserve to have a lesser quality of life because we, like so many others in this country, have fallen on hard times? I do realize that so many people abuse the system, but that doesn't mean we all do. So take your head out of your ass and use all that energy you would otherwise use to write angry jeers and volunteer some time at the food bank or homeless shelter.


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