Saturday, July 24, 2010

Disgusting Female Jerk

Posted on Sat, Jul 24, 2010 at 3:48 PM

This is to the female jerk who yelled at me on Division when I was doing my 5 mile daily run. You screamed something about my running being disgusting. I'd like to point of somethings relative to the word "disgusting." Currently, I'm sixty one. I run & cycle long distances daily. Up until my fifties, I was winning triathelons. Right now, I weigh 105 lbs; I have a 23 inch waistline and 31 inch hips. I buy my clothes in the "preteen" section because teen or women's clothes are too big. When I was your age, I went to track & swimming practice & often participated in sports meets. I had no time to drive around being a stupid little punk like you. I didn't see your body, because you were sitting on the passanger's side of a vehicle, but from the look of your moon face, I'd bet your rear end is pretty broad, too. It'd like to suggest that your pudgey body could benefit from you getting your butt out of that rig & trying to keep up with me for even a half mile, which I seriously doubt you could do. Perhaps you should look in a mirror when the term "disgusting" comes to mind. You're going to be sixty one yourself, too, some day, faster than you think. And I'd love to see what shape you'll be in.


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