Saturday, August 14, 2010

To The Unhappy Parent

Posted on Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 10:29 AM

In response to the parent who is unhappy with the District 81 school calendar. I work for the district & I wish we started after Labor Day as well. I also wish we had a longer school day and school year. We have so much content we are required to teach, but very little time in which to do it. In regard to the built in snow days, I believe that was a wise move after two years in a row of school being closed for a week. The first year we lost prime academic time and never made it up. The second year we lost prime academic time, but the days were tacked on to the very end of the year which was completely useless from an academic standpoint. Since when are schools supposed to provide DAY CARE? My job is to educate your children. Some school systems are going to 4 day weeks or ending school a month early because they do not have enough funding. Seems to me that not supporting the levy which would reduce funding even more could possibly result in less time in school and less DAY CARE for your child. How about using your energy to lobby our state legislators to adequately fund public education so your kids have more time in school? On the other hand, you could pay $20K a year to have your child go to a private school that has the same school calendar as District 81!


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