Monday, November 15, 2010

Re: Football Coaches

Posted on Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 8:39 AM

Dear football mother, our coaches are made of GOLD! They sacrifice hours of family time for your sons benefit. Over & above the time spent at practice, many hours are devoted to watching game film, making game plans & scouting the next opponent, all for the goal of giving your sons the most insight & tools possible so on Fri. night he can contribute to beat his opponent. Summers are about working hard at camp & getting ready for the next season. Hard work does not equal summer wasted. Some kids don't have this opportunity. Thank you for paying for your sons to go to camp & giving them the opportunities to be better players! We need more moms like you! The goal is to win-if your son can demonstrate in practice that he can contribute to that goal, he will play. The same lesson applies in life-if you demonstrate to your boss you can do the task at hand, he will give you more responsibility, more pay, possibly a promotion. Nothing rewarding comes easy. Hard work is okay! Hard work also doesn't mean that your son will play Varsity. Whether or not your son plays Varsity, he is learning valuable life lessons by being part of the team. It is a necessary part of the job as coach to give criticism when needed & praise where deserved. We look forward to the day our sons have their fathers for a coach, not only because we know our husbands will put all their hearts & time into the task just as they have done this season, but also because they will be molding our sons into men of character: good sportsmanship, to be gracious in defeat & humble in victory, dedication, to sweat & work hard, & how not to quit even when things don't go our son's way. Our kids aren't always going to be the best in everything but there's something to be said about the hard work that goes into trying to be your best & giving it your all. Parents: you are part of the "team" also; thank you for your time & dedication to your boys & supporting your local coaches that are working hard to teach your boys the game of football & life. Regards, proud coaches wives


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