Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Deals A Deal

Posted on Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 8:23 AM

To my EX wife, that is still hard to say. The deal has changed, and we both
know it is for the best. Thank you for a decade of wonderful (and awful)
memories. Lets hope that history shows more good than bad. THANK YOU for
two beautiful daughters, our work is just beginning, but now that the smoke
has cleared I KNOW we will raise the finest little ladies anyone could.
THANK YOU for showing me me, I hope I taught you a little about life along
the way too. Finally, congratulations on your new man, I am not kidding.
Lots of missteps along the way masked the fact that I wish you the best,
and him as well. He will be great to the girls, I know that and that is all
that matters. I wish you well in all you do and will still throw myself in
front of a bear for you or the girls. Live life to the fullest, you deserve
nothing less. I love you in a different way now, but I do love you and that
is all you need to know to know, that you are safe from anything. Call me,
and I will be there. Lets get to parenting and the next chapter in our
lives. You are my friend, always.


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