Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday

Posted on Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 8:33 AM

To My Spazmastica. For all reading and in a conundrum as to the above
nickname, it came about as I watched my fresh new squeeze try to impress me
by doing some rather "Spastic" dance movements, I was laughing so hard I
could not even say his name "Matty" and it was the most "fantastic" laugh I
have had in years, and I wanted to tell him he is a spastic matty that is
fantastic and all the words in a fit of laughter combined to
form "Spazmastica", so now this "Spastic" dance mover is my husband and it
is his birthday. Our quote logo is "Live, Laugh, Love"...upon meeting you,
you showed me what it is to truly live, you brought the inner child back to
my life, you gave me things I missed in my early years, and are giving me a
life I never dreamed, I am living in a whole new world and the changes to
me have brought me to a place in my heart and soul that is the definition
of LIVE, You make me LAUGH so hard I cry sometimes, a smile shines so
bright on my face and in my heart when I am with you, you make me feel like
a girl with a "school girl crush" who giggles everytime you pass my way, showed me what LOVE means, what it is to give and to receive
such a joyous feeling that a 4 letter word can bring, and not superficial
or friendship love but the LOVE you read about or see in movies and dreams.
Thank you for living true to our favorite quote "Live, Laugh, Love"


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