Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thanks STA Drivers

Posted on Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Cheers to the STA bus drivers who put up daily with many different people,
some of whom are rude, smelly, or sick. I have seen from the drivers that
I've had the pleasure of riding with, untold patience, firmness, and
generosity. All while piloting a large vehicle up and down
Spokane's "lovely" streets. You deal daily with other drivers who are vying
for the same position on the road and do not do it nicely. Some of the
passengers are real challenges too. You hold your tongue when someone is
rude or completely out of line. You say nothing when someone brings
a "service animal" on the bus and it's pretty clear that the animal is NOT
a "service animal". I've seen people picked up when the weather is nasty
and given rides. And I've seen many times when someone's card has expired,
you wave them on anyway. So THANKS STA drivers, here's one person who
really appreciates the service. So much so, I don't drive to work any


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