Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spokane Women

Posted on Sat, May 12, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Thank you all of your hospitality during a recent 3 day visit to your city
(my first). Especially to a few beautiful souls: Leilani, for your
accompaniment on stage at Gibliano Brothers and that moment by the
fireplace. Brianne, after knowing you for all of 45 seconds I asked you to
marry me, and if you change your mind, the offer still stands, and I mean
it. Kayla, mother of Maverick, you reminded me with your infectious energy
that I am more special than I thought. Hey Blondie from Sydney at the bus
stop, I hope you got the job, even though you're meant for so much more.
Thanx again Rocket Bakery girls for lowering the music so I could play the
piano. Financial Analyst in the park; girl on the vintage bike in the cute
hat outside Churchills; Hertz girl who convinced me the Camero convertible
was a good decision; Flower girls at Manito. SPOKANE MEN, I AM SO JEALOUS
UNDERESTIMATE YOUR GOOD FORTUNE. Girls, you all gave me so much joy and
beautiful memories (and pictures), I'm happy to have visited your lovely
town and thoroughly stir the place up (and leave behind a few CD's along
the way.) ~Michael Mozart~


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